Sep 28, 2009

I LOVE the Web

So no surprise, after all the parties, showers and BBQs, Dan and I appear to have a cold... of course, first thing this morning I was up searching the net for swine flu symptoms - I LOVE the web! How amazing it is to have information on everything you can think of, right at your fingertips! So far, with only runny noses and sore throats, we seem to be OK. Dan seemed to get it worse than me but that could just be the typical turn-into-a-baby male response to even the mildest illness.

Jane seems unaffected so far - is that possible? Is it possible that we'd both get sick and she'd be fine OR am I just dreaming? Regardless, as I lay in bed last night I realized I had no idea what to do if Jane got a stuffy nose - she can't blow her nose! How the heck do I use that nasal bulb syringe?!?! I LOVE the Web! I found this fab video that shows you
how to use a nasal bulb syringe in your baby. Yipee!

I've used the net my entire pregnancy and since Jane was born to research everything from what I can/cannot eat to sleeping tips! It's saved me tons of money that I could have "wasted" on books full of info that I disagree with or already know.

Here are a few of my fav, reliable sites that I search regularly:
I know Mondays used to be filled with my stupid MB moments... fact is, the bigger, more entertaining ones have been replaced by smaller, more frequent moments like forgetting words and forgetting names (not so good seeing as we've had so many social things lately). :p

Jen :)

PS - Here's a few pics from our walk in the park this weekend :)


Mandy Jo said...

Great Pictures!:) I freak out everytime Mist has a runny nose I am googleing swine flu all the time! My husband said chill out!! lol..

Ange said...

Don't worry about Jane catching a cold...I had a real bad one a few weeks ago and she didn't catch anything! And I exclusively breastfeed...she actually gets the antibodies your body is producing to fight off the cold through your milk!

Jessica said...

I think the fact that you're breastfeeding her will help her stay much healthier this flu season. You've definitely got that going for you.

And one thing I use when Leah gets a stuffy nose is those saline drops. I really like the ones that come out in a mist, rather than drops, because you can direct them easier to actually go INTO her nose, rather than running down her face. That's counterproductive. I recommend those together with the bulb syringe. That has worked fabulously for us so far.

Feel better soon!

MommyCain said...

a couple of websites I love are PregnancyWeekly (Parenting weekly now I suppose!) I joined a forum for women due in Nov'06 when I was pregnant with Jorja and am still in contact with a good percentage of them. It's great to get to know other moms with babies the same age as yours, also great if you have a ? or need some advice. Another great website (that I actually got from one of the moms on my Nov'06 forum) is
Great breastfeeding website!