Apr 7, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

This morning I am in need of a full body massage. Scratch that, several full body massages. Had my first AM run today - up at 6:20 and out the door. I have been "off" for the last week and a half as I totally screwed up my foot last time I ran - I got new sneakers and, despite my best efforts to make them work, they were too small. Of course, being a deal-seeker, I bought them off ebay, buying my usual size, and so I couldn't return them. I'm thinking, like they say is common, that my feet are a tidbit bigger post-pregnancy because my extra fatness flattened them out. Anyways, that sucked because not only did the tendons in my foot ache for a week and a half but I totally counteracted my deal-seeking and lost the $80 I spent on my first new sneakers but still had to buy another new pair of sneakers... which just pissed me off because the reason I bought them off ebay in the first place was to avoid spending $200 for my Asics... and now that's exactly what I've done and the whole process has taken three weeks and been a pain in the foot! :p

I thought I was going to die on my run today. I made the mistake of being cocky and starting where I left off almost two weeks ago... doing 4 and 1s (4 mins running, 1 min walking). The first interval, I was a superstar - running at a great pace, lungs good, legs solid, Miley Cyrus Partying in my ears (I admit it, I love this song, whatever). Third interval, I was still doing OK, decided to slow my pace as I could tell I wouldn't be able to sustain it. Fourth interval, 50% dead, had to take a break midway as I thought my legs were going to give out underneath me. Fifth interval, agreed that I wouldn't break no matter how bad I was dying because I gave birth and if I can give birth I can run for four freakin' minutes... yeah. About a minute into it, I was wishing I had a baseball hat on so no one would recognize me if they drove by 'cause I was running slower than a senior on a mall walk and my face was likely so red that I rivaled that chick from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who ate the blueberry. Regardless, I did it.

Wanna know what sucks too? I can't run in my subdivision because of all the hills. So I walk down to the main road and run there as it's flatter. No biggie on the way down. On the way back, however, after I've basically killed myself, I have to finish myself off by walking like a half km up a giant-ass hill. This morning I seriously considered driving to the bottom of the hill and driving back up. Yes. I am a lazy exerciser. ha ha ha. Actually, I shouldn't laugh as I haven't completely written that idea off yet. :p

No surprise I didn't lose any weight this week as last night, on his way home from the gym, I got Dan to pick me up some Coldstone. Yesterday AM (if you can even call it the AM as in my mind it's still PM), I woke up at 3:30 (yes. 3:30am) and started working on budgeting because I am so stressed about this whole job hunt thing. So, come last night, I was basically a zombie and do I even need to say the rest... I will for the "newbies"... zombie Jen = eat everything I can find in my house even if it's not appealing at all and eat it in excessive amounts (e.g. dry cereal).

So, I may have actually lost weight but the excess food in my "system" from yesterday is weighing me down (literally)... :p That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Next week I am confident I'll be down another pound. If I'm not, I'm lying about it anyways - as if you'll figure it out! :p ha ha ha. Half-kidding.

Pictures are from Monday - Jane and I went for a picnic at the park. It was awesome!

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trac54 said...

Violet! Her name was Violet!

But her face turned blueish purple. S'all the same.

I've been doing EA active and I have to admit, even if I'm not toning(which I know I am) just doing the exercising has made me look(in my mind) better.

Yesterday I was doing all of the strength training and was pooped! Then the last activity was a "cool down" activity of running for 4 minutes. I was like HA! YA RIGHT! What a cool down. I managed to do the whole 4 minutes running without getting tired and was blown away!

Also, i'm not running whatsoever outside of what EA active makes me do. Which is running on the spot.

Do you have a Wii if not I totally suggest EA sports active like...6 months ago for you. When you couldn't really leave the house. It's pretty awesome. Once I finish this silly 30 day challenge I'm going to get out and start running/walking again.

MaggieK said...

"if I can give birth I can run for four minutes....I love it. I need to put myself in that mindset - good for you