Apr 8, 2010

Bad Paid for Photos

Took the car today so Jane and I can go swimming later - thus the late AM post.

Also, thus, the fact that I'm basically posting a picture today and nothing else because I'm starving, Jane's down for a nap and I bought a few things for her to eat that I have to pre-prepare so that it doesn't take me 20 minutes to make her a snack five times a day (of which most of it ends up on the floor for the dog).

This is a beautiful picture of my sister and I when we were like 12-ish... I love you Mom, but who's idea was this? Did anyone think this would make a good "over the fireplace" family photo?

So happy to have found this "gem" during Spring cleaning last weekend... what a score! Some people find baseball cards worth millions but this was so much better! :p

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Lena! said...

Bahahaha!!! It's PRICELESS! You girls are beautiful... but still... bahahaha!

kristie said...

I Love this :) I remember this was in your house...lol
We thought it was sooo cool!!
Lets recreate with parker and Jane...you know you want to:)

Jen said...

Glamour shot! This is amazing, you and Nancy are so bad-a&$ (I figured this is a baby blog and perhaps I should not use bad words). You need to send this to the Ellen show!

trac54 said...


p.s you will spend hours laughing at this website.

Meredith said...

LOL! Too funny!

I bet you loved doing it at the time though!

trac54 said...

The more I look at this photo the cooler it gets! For real. I laughed outloud at first because it's lame.

But look at how wicked you guys look! Your sis has these really sultry eyes and you have this "SO WHAT" attitude. I give this picture a 9 on the 1-10 scale of coolness that I just made up.

If I had saw this in like 1994 I would have loved it. I would have been SO JEALOUS. Simply because Degrassi reruns were my life and you two look like you belong on it

Jen said...

Ha ha, tracey you're hilarious. We weren't that cool, trust me.

I'm disappointed in myself in this pic - I thought I had more natural modeling talent than that - such a blank look - no smize, Tyra would be disappointed.

On the other hand, you're right - Nancy's rockin' the "don't mess with me" look. :p

Krissy @ ArtsyMom said...

LOL thats a great picture. Definitely a keeper.

Angelene said...

This picture is the best! Send it in to Ellen - I want to see you on Ellen Jen - and also send along a current pic with you and your cutie. Ellen would definitely show the world your photos! :)