Apr 6, 2010

In Lieu Of...

Since December, it's been common place to find a fabulous giveaway on MOmMy bRaIn on Tuesdays. Well, thanks to the glorious Easter holiday, I'm pretty sure any chance of having a giveaway today is sitting at Canada Post awaiting my approval...

So, in lieu of a giveaway, I thought I'd share my favourite sites for retail therapy... places where I regularly shop online or visit to find out where I can shop online and save $$!
It seems like in the past few weeks all of these "last minute steals" or "today only sales" sites have popped up and, personally, I'm sold... along with a bazillion other at-home-Moms, I'm sure. Not only does everything look too-good-to-be true, but you feel the pressure to buy NOW as items often sell out in minutes! There's no time for the "do I need this?" conversation with yourself, you need it and you need it now before someone else who needs it, needs it now.

Here are a few that I've been introduced to (I'm sure there are a bazillion more and feel free to share - although you may get hate mail from my hubby for doing so):

Hautelook - For cheap-as-heck designer duds and more for you, your kids, your dog and your home! The best part of Hautelook is that everyday there are multiple brands with multiple products - it's fun just looking (like browsing through the mall from the comfort of your lay-z-boy). Better still... get your friends to sign up and every time a new friend makes a purchase you get $10 added to your account for a future purchase! SCORE!

BabySteals.comBabySteals.com - help me. I've yet to buy anything as I always seem to visit too late on days where I's buy something (some sort of karma shopping crap). Updated every day at 9am MST (click here to figure that out). Heads up - the best items sell out in minutes!
Even if you're not buying - it's fun to visit as I've been introduced to some really neat products on this site - check out the Tie Chair! Shipping is pretty reasonable on most items also. Only complaint so far is that sometimes even discounted some of the items seem a little pricey - e.g. a $69 backpack combo thingy last week... that backpack better cook and pack me lunch for $69 a pop.

Kidsteals.com - Yeah, I check this one too. You never know when there's going to be a steal so fabulous it's worthy of a four year pre-purchase! :p

BabyHalfOff.com - Self explanatory. Thanks to Lindsay for bringing this to my attention yesterday... as if I needed any other means to spend money! :p Updated every day at 8am MST.

Etsy - Oh my goodness ladies, if you've yet to discover Etsy or have been ignoring me for the last year, you need to check it out. Prices are ridiculously fabulous, the products are even better. I could spend hours just checking out the cool stuff people come up with... especially for kids. Click here to see the most recently listed Baby products - I know you'll find something you'll love. Some of my favourite Etsy sellers are list in my right-hand sidebar, and we've done several giveaways as well.
Listen To Lena - If you live in Canada, you really should be checking out Lena every day. She posts the best deals and steals from your fav stores and stores you don't know are your favs yet. As a PTPA Mom, she also has fab giveaways (usually posted Sundays) that are worth the effort of, yup, you guessed it, a whole COMMENT! :p
So, that's me practicing my sharing. Don't expect it to happen often as the more of you checking some of those sites, the less chance I'll get what I want... competition is fierce! :p

As far as upcoming giveaways, check out what's on the horizon:

Bean-B-Clean: PTPA Award Winning product for cradle cap - would be a lifesaver with a newborn baby!
Eco-Friendly Fashions from Company Kids - In Support of Earth Day
Moody Mamas Maternity - Fierce Maternity Line is launching at Target
Cafe Press - customizable clothes and items for every occasion

Several Etsy Giveaways coming up from these fab sellers:
Posie and Me
Cloo Gifts
Baby Cake and Lollipop

Lots to look forward to darlings!

UPDATE: Check out Listen To Lena today for info on how to get a free photobook every month! I love photobooks, I do them a few times a year instead of printing photos for an album! Thanks for the tip Lena!

Check out these pics from our little outing to the boardwalk this past weekend - I can't take enough pics of my little Janers!

Winner announced for our Mini Diaper Bag Giveaway - check out the sidebar to see if it's YOU!

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Jeri said...

Thanks!! I love these new websites get "steals" from!

Lena! said...

As always, thanks for the mention! I wish I had more pleasant stalkers like you :) BTW, pics of Jane with the family are too cute for words!