Apr 5, 2010

The Grinch Who Stole Easter?

When I was growing up, Easter wasn't a "gift-giving" holiday. It was a chocolate eating holiday, yes, but gifts, no. Was it a gift-giving holiday at your house? I'm noticing a new tradition - Easter is the new Christmas. I'm not judging, how could I judge people for giving gifts? Criticizing people for being generous ain't my thang... I'm just curious what Easter is like at your house? God forbid I be the Grinch who stole Easter and my child be the "one" in school to show up on Easter Monday without a new outfit! :p

Growing up we got Easter egg hunts... chocolate eggs, little packages of chocolates, and the odd giant bunny hid around the house. They were awesome. I never expected gifts at the end of my hunt, nor did I need them. So, when I think about future Easter Sunday's at my own home, I envision the same scenario... eggs trailing from each bedroom in a path all around the house with treats hidden under plants, in corners, on window sills, everywhere. I am so excited to hide eggs for my kids - it's like a bazillion little games of hide-n-seek, a challenge to see how good you are (obviously, I won't be putting this plan in place next year...). I don't envision sweaters and video games hidden under plants, that's for sure. What are your thoughts? What do you do at your house?

While we're on the topic of gifts... Jane's first birthday is coming up (in two months, yes, but I'm an over-preparer remember). I've been planning her birthday party for two weeks now. I love to organize parties (see my baby shower) and I just realized that with Jane (and hopefully my future second child), I'll get to throw two fabulous parties every year! YIPEE!

As with Christmas, I have no idea what to get Jane for her bday. I found this Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Farm, that my sister has, on kijiji (same as Craig's List) for $40 and I'm picking it up next weekend. Anybody else have this? Does your kid play with it? Ashley, a blog buddy, said her little beauty Addison got hers for her 1st bday and likes it. I know my sister's daughter Lucy loves her. Any other ideas what would be some good toys for her? I don't want to go all out - I mean, lets face it, Jane's just as happy playing with pots and pans these days but I'd like to get her a few new things, to keep her entertained.

I am so excited about this Giant Cupcake Pan I got for Jane's bday cake... I found this picture (shown left) when I goggled "first birthday cakes" and fell in love (with cake, yes). I found the pan it was made with, a Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan, at Michaels for $49.99 (INSANE!!!) - as if I would pay $50 for a freakin' pan! BUT, I found a 50% off coupon on Flyerland and voila, it's mine! I mean I'd spend at least $25 on a special cake and now I can make my own special cakes any time I want to (or that was the excuse I gave Dan for spending $25 on a cake pan). Regardless, I thought I'd make a giant cupcake with a bunch of smaller, coordinating (of course) cupcakes for people to eat (as the giant one looks difficult to serve). I'm so excited.

I will, of course, provide photos and loads of details post-bday... but we've got some time before then people - it's just scary to think of what else I'll come up with in two months! Speaking of which, today is Jane's 10 month birthday!

Included some pics from our Easter "hunt" - I filled some eggies with cheerios, craisins and broken fruit loops (as a treat) for Janers. I wouldn't dare hide them as with my mommy brain, it's very likely I'd never remember where I hid them all and/or my dumbo dog would eat them before we got around to it.

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trac54 said...

I have to tell you, it's far worse now then you think.

When I was managing EB games last year for easter, we had parents come in and buy PS3/XBOX 360's for easter gifts. I've always only gotten chocolate for easter.

The odd time I'd get chalk or bubbles. But, I remember in my whole life getting two easter gifts.

One: Shoes for church because my strap had broken the week before (~4 or 5 years old)

Two: An Alvin, Simon and Theodore cassette tape featuring Billy Ray Cirus.

Aaron(boyfriend)'s family always goes all out with chocolate. They always have HUGE baskets filled to the brim with things and gifts! It wasn't until we started dating (6 years ago) that I started getting spoiled for easter.

This year his mother gave us a $50 gift card for Canadian Tire and BBQ tools!

I've seen those cupcake pans but have NEVER understood how they cook at the same temperature/time. The ones I've seen are two pieces, the top of the cupcake and the base. The base is so much larger than the top!

MaggieK said...

We did a basket with candy and small toys for our 4 year old....He had to follow a Treasure map to find all of his eggs.

When I was young there was mostly candy...maybe a book, but I agree it seems to be more like a second Christmas now.

By th way, I love the birthday cake idea.

Jen said...

Ah, this makes me feel better - books I can do, xbox's not so much!

Re: the cake and cooking time, there is a recipe included with the cake pan that's supposed to be awesome and obviously accounts for the fact that the pan is much deeper than your usual cake rounds. We'll see... will keep you posted!

Lindsay said...

We do chocolate/treats and a couple little gifts ... books, a movie, card game. Something like that.

I only got chocolate as a kid too, usually with one small gift. I went a bit overboard on gifts this year just cause I didn't want my kids to have a ton of chocolate so young! But as they get older I'm sure the chocolate factor will go up and the presents will go down :)

Mom vs. the boys said...

I always got gifts for easter but the hubby only got chocolate. we were always given chocolate, an outfit for summer and a summer type toy like a skipping rope or sand toys. I do the same for my boys. they got either summer pjs or shirts, chocolate and craft supplies in their baskets.

Nikki Comer said...

I love Easter because it is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless.

Hope you had a Egg-ceptional, Eggs-traordinary Easter !!!


trac54 said...

Durrrr of course a GIGANTIC cake pan would come with directions.

I'm so dumb sometimes.

Sarah said...

We always got a few small gifts for Easter with our chocolate and candy growing up - like books, stuffed animals, socks maybe craft supplies or something like that, nothing like an Xbox, thts crazy!
This year I got my son (almost 1) a small tin basket and put a book in it, a baseball hat and some Easter themed "little people" toys, he loved it.
And that is my suggestion for Jane's birthday gift, fisher price little people...my son loves them! To chew, bang on other objects and "talk" to. we bought a set for a friends little one's 1st b-day and she loves them too! We have the farm set to give him for his birthday and my Mom got him the house, he will be happy with those!

Jen said...

You have me intrigued by these "little people", especially considering fisher price is buy one get one half off at TRU right now!

Thanks for the tips everybody! Seems like gifts are the new chocolate - but smaller things are acceptable!