Jan 7, 2010

Every Girl Needs a RL Sweater...

OMG the clothes, the clothes, the clothes... I don't know how she will ever wear it all. And it's as if they have a factory where Moms are lined up and only clothes that gets the oh-my-gosh-it's-too-adorable-sigh get approved for sale.

Regardless, thought I'd share a few of my favourite Christmas clothes with you.

First off, Christmas jammies. It's a tradition in my family that on Christmas Eve everyone gets a new pair of Christmas jammies. And, seriously, what pair of Christmas jammies are complete without a matching pair of reindeer slippers? (Joe Fresh). Come on people, could you have resisted the slippers?

Now, us "older" girls know that, every now and then (and for new Moms basically every day), we just want to stay in our jammies all day... usually on Sundays for this chicky. Thus, the invention of jogging pants. Every girl needs a jogging pant outfit that is both cute and comfortable. Roots (Canadian company, makes the best joggers) was having 50% off their joggers pre-xmas so Dan got a pair too. I'm just pissed at myself for not getting myself some too. Stupid me.

Also to be worn on Sundays is the traditional I'm-supporting-my-team-even-if-they-suck-this-year-so-leave-me-alone (GO GIANTS!) fan gear. Not surprisingly, Jane's shirt cost more than mine... what the heck? Also not surprisingly, the shirt I ordered (in my usual size) is so tight on my new "girls" that I look like a wanna-be porn star so I'm thinking maybe I'll save it for next year.

Now, onto sweaters. Although they are a pain in the a** to get on and off, they are way too adorable to avoid. I mean look at the argyle print on that cardigan (TH)... seriously. I bought it in purple too in a larger size because I loved it so much. And every girls needs a Ralph Lauren cable-knit sweater (thanks Grammy)! Mouse over the photos to see the brand, if you are interested.

This hat came with a matching sweater and green leggings from The Children's Place (from Grammy). The sweater's a little big still but will definitely fit before the winter passes.

God, I am forgetting a bunch of cute outfits, I know. But Jane's napping in her room so I don't dare go check her closet to see what else she got. More to come, I'm sure!

I feel the need to say it because I know, with the economy the way it is, that there are a lot of families out there struggling... nothing I purchased cost more than $15/item. Everything I bought was at least 30% off regular price otherwise I wouldn't be buying it... I refuse to spend $20+ dollars on a sweater that will be worn once or twice! Also, one word... Grammy. As if I can control all that! :p

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