Jan 6, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

A Christmas Miracle I tell you. I did my BEST to put on a few pounds... I mean lets face it it was the Holidays and I wasn't sleeping (and you know from history what happens when I'm tired!). I ate more than my share of chocolate every day (actually more than a few people's shares to be honest), enough bread to feed a small country, ice cream, gravy, cheese, candy, cookies (chocolate chip, nanaimo bars, shortbreads, peanut butter...), steak, lobster covered in butter, and that's just what I can remember! However, with head hung low, I regret to say, that success was not mine and, in fact, I did not gain a pound at all... maybe like 0.2 of a pound but that could be just having to pee or something. OH, I just remembered more food... on Christmas Day, Dan and I had cold leftover Pizza Hut Pizza (does it get greasier?) for breakfast and then we had McDonalds for lunch! ha ha ha. However, I take all toppings off my pizza (including cheese, I hate cheese on pizza) and all I like at McDonalds is fries so it's not your traditional greasy pizza and Quarter-pounder meal or whatever it is.

So, back at it. Back to healthier eating and trying to exercise... I have to exercise. Who am I kidding? Why does everyone else in the world need exercise but, I think, I can get away with having a rocking bod without lifting a toe? Ange, seeing you running updates, has motivated me almost to the point where I'm now ready to get back on the treadmill and start running again. Almost. Y'all know what its like. You can say to yourself 100 times "I need to exercise" but until you are really ready it's no different than saying "I need to win a million bucks"... it ain't happ'nin. And then, when you finally say "Ok, I'm ready" it takes two weeks of sticking with it before you're hooked enough to actually stick with it. God, it's exhausting just thinking about it! :p ha ha ha.

Anyways, here are my starting stats for 2010:
Starting weight: 146 lbs
Current weight: 146 lbs
Pounds to lose: 9 lbs
Pounds lost since WIW started: 11 lbs
Pounds lost since Jane was born: 29 lbs (that sounds so much better!)

On the positive side of things... what I did notice about the weight I've lost is that I liked the way I looked in pictures again at Christmas. When I've got weight on, I can always see it in my face and I HATE the way I look in pictures. I'm starting too look more like myself again and I like it. :) It's definitely motivating.

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Lindsay said...

Well, I officially hate you :)
I ate like crap over the holidays and gained back about 3lbs that I worked so hard to lose in Oct/Nov :(

So ... starting fresh in 2010, eating better and exercising too. I still have about 15lbs to lose to get to my prepreg weight!

Laura said...

Losing weight has got to be the hardest thing to do. Thinking about it makes me want to eat chocolate lol

Jen said...

Lindsay, like I said, I tried my hardest. My hubby even put on weight and I went toe-to-toe with him in the eating dept. It's got to be that extra 500 cal thing with the bf-ing cause I just can't figure it out otherwise. My other thought is that I spent so much time eating chocolate and candy that I didn't focus as much on eating big meals or anything... so maybe it evened out.