Jan 8, 2010

A Better Booster

Before the holidays the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) did some testing on children's booster seats and the results were a little scary. In fact, 13 of the 41 booster seats that were tested were deemed "not recommended", with 10 models being "best bets" and 5 being "good bets". The testing they did was not "crash-testing" it was to test seat belt fit as booster seats do no restrain kids, they just put them at the proper height to allow the seat belt to sit across the right places on theirs bodies - the bony parts.

Here are the lists created by the IIHS:

Not Recommended
  • Safety Angel Ride Ryte backless
  • Cosco/Dorel (Eddie Bauer) Summit
  • Graco CarGo Zephyr
  • Evenflo Big Kid Confidence
  • Cosco/Dorel Traveler
  • Compass B505
  • Compass B510
  • Evenflo Generations
  • Dorel/Safety 1st (Eddie Bauer) Prospect
  • Cosco Highback Booster
  • Cosco/Dorel Alpha Omega
  • Evenflo Chase Comfort Touch
  • Safety 1st/Dorel Intera

Best Bets

  • Graco TurboBooster backless with clip
  • Fisher-Price Safe Voyage backless with clip
  • Combi Kobuk backless with clip
  • Fisher-Price Safe Voyage
  • Britax Parkway
  • LaRoche Bros. Teddy Bear
  • Safeguard Go backless with clip
  • Volvo booster cushion
  • Recaro Young Style
  • Britax Monarch

Good Bets

  • Graco TurboBooster
  • Safety Angel Ride Ryte
  • Recaro Young Sport
  • Combi Kobuk
  • Safety 1st/Dorel Apex 65
Hope this helps if you're in the market for a booster. As Moms we do our best to keep our babes as safe as possible. It's definitely scary to know that a product meant to help protect our children could actually cause them more harm.

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PS - Click here to see the full article.

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Thank you for the post! Car seat safety is so important!

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