Nov 27, 2009

We Are A Family!!

Part of the reason I created MOmMy bRaIn was to connect with and share with other Mommas and Mommas-to-be out there in cyberspace. Obviously, here on the blog, I write about my own experiences and challenges and sometimes you are fabulous enough to comment, provide your own advice, and let me know I'm not alone!

However, I think it would be great to start a network, a community, that allows all of us crazy Mommas and gonna-be-Mommas to share!

With help from my hubby, I've created a ning network called Mommy Brain Mommas.

Basically, Mommy Brain Mommas is a place for anyone to start forum discussions, share pictures, share their status with members (similar to facebook), add their own blog posts, and lots more. It's almost like a mini-Facebook but just for us! For example, my girlfriend asked me to write yesterday's post "Teething + Cribs..." on her behalf.... in the future, she can use Mommy Brain Mommas to ask other Mommas for advice and suggestions.

Although I have created this network, I'm basically just a member like everyone else. I cannot control the content, members, anything.

If you're interested in joining the Mommy Brain Mommas "family", click here to sign up! Once you're a member, you can update your profile, post comments, start discussion threads, upload pictures, invite any and all of your friends, and I'm sure there's much more - I'm still learning about it all myself!

Let me know if you think this is a good idea by commenting! If you like the idea of a online Mommy-family, join! And get your friends to join! And get your friend's friends to join! :p The more women the better!

Jen :)