Nov 26, 2009

Teething + Cribs = ???

My girlfriend has an 8 month old sweety pie who's got 4 teeth coming in at once - YUCK!

She called me yesterday and said "I need you to ask your blog followers something for me" and, of course, I had to oblige. Not just because I wanted to help her out but because, I know, in 3 months I'll likely be going through the same thing and will want to know what she wants to know! :p ha ha ha. Oh yeah, I guess it doesn't hurt that some of you might want to know the answer as well! :p Kidding, obviously.

So here it is... she can't find any crib rail guards for her thick-railed crib (similar to the one pictured). She checked Toys-R-Us and the regulars (Walmart, etc.) and nodda.

I did a little search on the good ol' web and found two products that I think would work: a fabric option and a plastic option. But I'm not sure if there's anything more readily available for her. Does anybody have an easier solution that ordering expensive products online? Have you found a great product that is worth sharing?

Coincidentally, related to my post yesterday on the crib recall, this is WHY I purchased a cheaper Storkcraft crib... because my brother told me that my niece chewed on her crib rails and I couldn't rationalize a $1000 teether! :)

Anyways, if you have any suggestions, it's appreciated. I have guard rails on two sides of my crib but I also have thicker sides that are unprotected as I'm sure many do.

Jen :)

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