Nov 28, 2009

How I Would Interview...

The fact that I found this clip says it all... this girl is hilarious because she says exactly what I would be thinking during an interview with Jacob (a.k.a. Lautner).

How does he manage to keep his cool... he's seven-freakin-teen!

I know. I was just getting over this obsession with Twilight and BAM New Moon hits and I'm addicted again.

Jen :)

PS - Updated. Sorry American girls, this should work for you now! xo


Anonymous said...

We can't watch it in the USA! It says copyright restrictions prohibit playing outside of Canada! Boo hoo! :(

Jen said...

Hey - I found the video on youtube. Hoping you can see it now... sorry! :p I don't know why they do that?!?! Are their super secret MTV videos that shouldn't be shared between countries?? :p

Courtney Kirkland said...

I would definitely be like this if I had a chance to interview him...if I wasn't too busy drooling all over him. Gah. It's so wrong lol. Thanks for sharing :)