Oct 7, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday

Disappointed this week... although it feels like I've lost weight (in my clothes), the scale says "no ma'am". I ate well, exercised when I could (weather-depending of course) and nada. YUCKO. I'm not too upset though as I know I did all I could! The crappy part is I'm about to enter into a challenging week as, tonight, Dan and I are celebrating our 2nd Anniversary with a tasty steak dinner and yummy dessert (duh!) and then my parent are in town this weekend, which usually results in a few meals out and Mom said she's bringing Purdy's - which is just about the best chocolate in the world and remember that whole "I have no will power" thing right. Oh well! Does anyone else do what I do and try to eat all your bad stuff in one day? Cause one bad eating day is better than rationing it out and having a bad week! I remember one Easter, when we were in university, my Mom sent my sister and I this huge Bernard Callebaut basket of chocolate. We made it out mission to eat as much as we could in one day with that same rationale - it was hilarious, I think we did pretty well with it too! :p Anyways, I'll just try to balance it all out with really great eating days in between. :)

Here are my stats:
Starting weight: 157 lbs
Current weight: 153 lbs
Pounds lost: 4 lbs
Pounds to lose: 16 lbs

Jill sent me a quick email this morning before running out the door, letting me know she lost another pound this week! Yipee!

Here are her stats:
Starting weight: 218 lbs
Current weight: 214 lbs
Pounds lost: 4 lbs
Pounds to lose: 34 lbs

So, despite the non-weight losing week, I'm still super happy and feeling much better than I was 8 weeks ago when I was eating poorly and not focusing on myself a little bit.

Hoping next week will be another surprise but in a good way!

Jen :)

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