Oct 8, 2009

Dissecting Daddy @ 4 Months - Part 2

This is a continuation from Tuesday's Dissecting Daddy post (see below).

Relationship Related Questions:

Jen: You said to me the other day that you feel like our relationship is getting better – you’re really happy with how things are going. Why do you think that is?
Dan: Cause I’m an awesome father and husband. I dunno. I figure as we get better at parenting our relationship benefits as well.
J: Typical male response... I'm over-thinking everything and wondering what we've done to become better and you're just content with being better. Sometimes I wish I had a male brain... sometimes! But then you'd need a female brain or we wouldn't survive. In fact, how do gay couples survive - who cooks? who cleans? who thinks? who remembers? who organizes? :p

J: What issues have been the subject of disagreements and what are your thoughts on them?
D: We don’t ever have disagreements because I’m always right.
J: I'm posting this answer so everyone will see what a big nutball you are and sympathize with me! :p

J: What were your thoughts on my post “Bitter Sweet”?
D: I think the intent of your article was to point out that men are able to maintain much of their freedom after the baby arrives but woman are basically attached to the baby non-stop if they have decided to exclusively breastfeed or, like you, limit bottle-feeding to once in awhile. Being attached to Jane non-stop isn’t a bad thing but losing your freedom can be hard to adjust to. Splitting baby duties 50/50 just isn’t realistic when one of you is working full time and the other is on maternity leave. As a husband, just help as much as you can when you’re home. Helping with the cleaning or cooking helps your wife get a little more time for herself as well.

J: You’ve started walking with Jane and I at night now, even with sore, post-tournament muscles, why all of a sudden – you used to HATE walking?
D: I mostly hated walking because it felt like a waste of time. Not to sound arrogant, but it’s not really exercising for me. So it felt pointless. But now that Jane is here, I want to spend as much time with her as I can and I enjoy spending time with you and Jane on our walks.
J: It took you six years to realize it's enjoyable to spend time with your wife? ha ha ha. Awesome.

J: What advice do you have for other Dads/Dads-to-be on keeping your relationship happy?
D: Words of wisdom that was said at our wedding: Take care of each other... so that you never have to take care of yourself. It’s good advice and I think Jen and I can continue to work at getting better at this.

I'll check in with Daddy-Dan again for an "interview" in a few months...

Jen :)

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