Sep 16, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

This week started out perfectly - I ate so healthily, was doing great with my walks, I felt great! I actually cheated a little and weighed myself on Saturday and I had lost a pound! YIPEE! Then, the weekend came... my Mom visited and we immediately went to the grocery store and got some frozen yogurt (her fav). That would have been fine, however, then we went to McDonalds on Saturday morning for breakie... Mom wanted to be the first to bring Jane to Mc-D's for breakie as we used to do this after church growing up. Once again, that wouldn't have been too bad, except then we went to the Keg for a steak dinner. Lastly, we could have stopped there, but instead we went to ColdStone for dessert... could it have been worse?!?! :p I have to say, I enjoyed every bite of all of it! I likely could have recovered after those few days except then I had the "first night in the crib" experience that resulted in pure exhaustion... and you know what that means for me, eating everything. AND, of course, I had that stupid frozen yogurt in the freezer. So, after fifty thousand servings of frozen yogurt, I am even again this week. If I keep up at this pace, one pound lost one week, none the next, it's going to take me 36 weeks to lose 18 lbs. Anyways, instead of posting pictures of myself, which would just depress me, I'm posting a picture of the yummy ice cream treat that is heaven and hell - the Founder's Favourite! :p This is so much harder than I imagined. I'm struggling. I think, like everyone, I always struggle with losing weight but usually I'm only trying to lose 5 lbs, so no big deal and when I finally set my mind to it, it disappears in a couple weeks.

Here are my stats (why am I even bothering this week):

Starting weight: 157 lbs

Current weight: 155 lbs

Pounds lost: 2 lbs

Pounds to lose: 18 lbs

Jill did great and lost another pound! Her hubby signed them up for a gym membership so she's been doing fun classes and hitting the cardio machines. As with me, she says she's struggling most with eating. "PORTION CONTROL STINKS" according to her, and I agree!

Here are Jill's stats for this week:

Starting weight: 218 lbs

Current weight: 216 lbs

Pounds lost: 2 lbs

Pounds to lose: 36

Today is a new day and the start of a new weight-loss week. I am hoping that I'll have the will power and motivation to really stick with it this week and see what results I can get. I've always been the type of person that is motivated by results - so I'm hoping if I can have a good week and lose a pound or two, that'll be the kick in the a** I obviously need to get in gear. I keep thinking about Jenny McCarthy, who lost 60 lbs of post-baby weight in 6 months. I know she has tons of dough, trainers, etc. but I like her and even more so for not losing all that weight in 6 weeks like most celebrity Moms. If she can do that in 6 months, I can lose 18 lbs before Jane is 6 months! That's December 5th, which gives me almost 12 weeks.... just in time for the holidays so I can put 5 lbs right back on ;) ha ha ha. With 12 weeks, I'd need to lose 1.5 lbs every week, which is a little unrealistic but worth a shot. I think I have to set a date-goal for myself to add a little pressure to the situation... something to work towards. Wish me luck! :p

Jen (and Jill!) :)

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Mandy Jo said...

I always cheat a weigh in! lol...You need to check out the give away I am having Jane would love it;)

Heather Weisse Walsh said...

Completely unrelated comment -- I just noticed in your slide show that Jane is using a Bumpo seat. Does she like it? I just got Lila a Bebe Pod today and she loved it! :0)

Jen said...

Hey Heather,

She does like the bumbo but only for short times right now, she's just a little bit too small still I think... regardless, she loves to sit up so I often (totally break the rules) and put it up on the counter for her while I'm cooking... :p OBVIOUSLY, no where near where I'm cooking (must say this or I'll get a whole bunch of comments I'm sure)! :p