Sep 17, 2009

Second Night in the Crib

TAH DAH! I did it!

Jane had her second night in her crib on Monday and we both did fabulously! She slept from 8:30-3am and I slept from 9-3 (obviously we went back to bed after this but this was the long stretch)! YIPEE! And, most importantly, I slept solidly... no reasonless (that can't be a word) check-ins, no freaking out over nothing, just pure, enjoyable, restful, sleep! What a relief.

I checked all the things that I had not thought of for the first night (fan, music, etc.) during the day and we were all set for the night. I heard her loud and clear through the monitor (no doors open, no post-its) when she would wake up. I was up twice to feed her and about 3-4 additional times to give her the soother back. That willl be a habit to break once we get this crib-sleeping down. She usually spits the soother out once she's deep asleep, after about 10 mins, but then she'll often half-wake up a few hours late, whimpering a little, and giving her the soother puts her right back to sleep. It makes no sense to me right now to avoid giving her the soother and risk having her wake up completely... my sleep is too important to me right now!

One thing we have gotten down pat, that's supposed to be a "good sleep habit", is putting her down while she's still awake but drowsy. I thought she would struggle with it as I used to nurse her to sleep or rock her but she transitioned to this easily, which is awesome. It's supposed to help them learn how to get themselves back to sleep on their own which is good for those middle of the night wake-ups. So, once I ween her off the middle of the night soother, we should be on our way to "good sleeping habit" heaven! I just recently read about this weaning on Elizabeth Pantley's website... she's the author of the "No Cry Sleep Solution" (a concept I am sold on from the title alone!). She says:
"When your baby wakes, go ahead and pop his pacifier or his bottle in his mouth, or nurse him. But, instead of leaving him there and going back to bed, or letting him fall asleep at the breast, let him suck for a few minutes until his sucking slows and he is relaxed and sleepy. Then break the seal with your finger and gently remove the pacifier or nipple."
Seeing as I'm not getting a full night's sleep as it is - I might as well give this a try. As Elizabeth says, it may "complicate night wakings" for a little while but in the long run it will be worth it!

All I can think about today is when I first bought the cradle for her to sleep in the room with us. I knew she'd only be able to sleep in it for 3 months but that seemed like so long! And here it is. Time is flying!

Thanks for all your support and advice! As always, it helps me get through the challenging days when I know I'm not alone in my crazy, worried-ways as a new Mom!

Jen :)

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Mandy Jo said...

Yay for momma and Jane!!

Angelene said...

Hey - I think you're doing great with the crib switch! I know how you feel about constantly checking and wondering about every little noise. My anxiety recently has been about her blankets and swaddling her up tight enough. Now that she's a bit older (only a month old today!) she's really starting to wiggle around more and tends to get her blanket and swaddle loose, which freaks me out! Anyway. It is ok to freak out Jen! I think it's a necessary Mommy trait!

Mama Kayla said...

Way to go!

MommyBrain said...

Yeah for you and yeah for Jane :) It goes go by entirely too fast ... like warp speed, I tell ya! Even after two years, I still remember the crib transition - it was the first big one. The first one I researched and planned and prayed would go well ... and then learned that all of that doesn't really matter - just go with your gut and do what works for you and your baby :) You're doing great! I cannot wait to have a newborn again ... well, I can wait another 12 to 14 weeks :)

Jennifer said...

I am new to your site and LOVE it! I do have to say how jealous I am in regard to this post ;o). I have been trying to do the crib thing for a while now. I can't even get my 4 month old to nap in his crib. He sleeps in a pac n play next to our bed. I feel like he would sleep so much better in his crib away from us. I just can't get him to do it.....guess we'll keep trying! CONGRATS on the big move =)