Sep 14, 2009

MOmMy bRaIn Mondays

Here's a few MB Moments to make you feel better about your own screw-ups this week!

1) My sister has switched to formula-feeding her baby and has "weened" off the pumping so her breastmilk has "dried up" (what's the right way to say that?). Anyways, she told me that she'd gained 4 lbs since she stopped producing milk. I immediately started rationalizing it so she wouldn't feel bad by explaining that when one of my boobs is full, I swear it weighs 2-3 lbs vs. an empty boob... so it's likely that it's just extra weight from her boobs. God love Nancy as she listened to me explain for 2-3 minutes before she said "yeah, Jen, that would explain why I would LOSE weight when my breastmilk was gone, but doesn't make sense at all when rationalizing why I gained weight". What the hell was I talking about?!?!

2) I try to avoid eating foods that make me gas-y because it ends up in a gas-y, restless sleep for Jane. Stupid me went and ate a veggie burger on Wednesday last week... worked out to like a full night without sleep. Awesome. On what grounds did I think a burger basically made out of beans and vegetables would be a good idea?!?!

3) If you check my blog early Friday morning, you likely saw a post that consisted of this "bf-ing doll"... that's it. ha ha ha. Sometimes, to make sure I get them done, I pre-write my posts when Jane is sleeping and then schedule them throughout the week. I thought I had written Friday's post on the breastfeeding doll, apparently not. My hubby emailed me at 10am asking what that post was about... thank god, because I probably wouldn't have noticed that there was actually no content in the post. Genius.

4) My Mom visited this weekend from Toronto. She called on Friday before arriving and left me a message as Jane was sleeping on me and I couldn't reach the phone. Later, I retrieved the phone and actually remember typing in the codes to pick up my message... however, I couldn't remember listening to the message but, for whatever reason, I deleted it! I called my Mom back and left her a message that sounded like this:
"Hi Mom, it's me. You called and I think you left me a message. If you said anything important can you call me back because I don't think I listened to it... I remember checking my messages but I must have deleted it before listening to it. I don't know why I did that but.... Hmmmm... wait, maybe I did hear it? No, I think I'm just remembering your email from earlier today. Oh my God, I'm losing it..."
So there you go... nothing outstanding but a week's full of stupid, worse than Jessica Simpson-style moments that confirm to me that my MB is NOT getting any better.

Jen :)

Anyone got any stories to share from the last few weeks?


Mandy Jo said...

lol..oh girl you crack me up! Hope you and Jane have a great week!:)

Jessica said...

I posted on one's a good one.'re not alone! =D