Sep 13, 2009

Beautiful Post By Fellow Mommy-Blogger

Read this post on my blog-friend, Jessica's, blog Adjusting to the World.

The post is called "Smiling Eyes" (click to check it out) and it's all about her beautiful, 8 month old, daughter Leah. Worth a read for everyone, not only the Moms and Moms-to-be.

Even though Jane is only 3 months, I can so related to what she talks about as I'm already reminiscing about the days when Jane was so tiny and fragile... the difference in her between her first few weeks and now is unbelievable. She went from this tiny, balled-up, drowsy newborn to this full-of-life, smiling, entertaining little monkey! So much to look forward to!

Jen :)


Mama Kayla said...

I also love reading about Jessica and her little Leah.

They are amazing, for sure! :-)

Anonymous said...

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