Aug 8, 2009

What I Miss About Pre-Baby Life

The top ten things I miss about pre-baby life:
  1. Not worrying so much. I worry about everything with Jane. I constantly am envisioning things that could happen that would hurt her and it's so scary!
  2. Being skinny and not having to do crunches, I hate crunches.
  3. Having time - more time for me, time for Dan, etc.
  4. Having more flexibility - everything's got to be planned now, no more "popping out".
  5. Sleeping. Just being able to go to sleep without worrying how much sleep I may/may not get.
  6. Not being so friggin' hot all the time! I'm constantly sweating and overheated.
  7. Not having to worry about my boobs leaking through my clothes...
  8. TMI alert - having control over my nether regions... Moms will know what I'm talking about.
  9. Having Dan sleep in the bed with me... I do miss him :)
Ok - I can't think of ten things... and the guilt I have about thinking up these 9 is insane. Maybe that's number 10 - I miss not feeling guilty about anything that could perhaps be misinterpreted as me complaining about Jane. TAH DAH! :p

Jen :)

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Mandy Jo said...

I was the same way with number 1!! I would always think everything was going to hurt her or she was going to get germs! Everyone says "its worse with your first!" I don't know because I only have one child!

Jessica said...

Oh, gosh.....I so understand. I think your #10 might be my biggest one. I love, love, LOVE - ADORE - my Leah and being her mama, but let's face it - things are NOT the same as they were! You can't help but think about how things were with a little bit of nostalgia, but I always tell myself that doesn't mean I don't love my daughter. I think just feeling guilty - PERIOD - is rough. Guilty about "me" time, guilty about complaining.....on and on.

kwise said...

I have 4 weeks to go until my 1st baby arrives and I already am completely in agreement with you! It's not selfish... it's just changing!!

Love the blog!

Jessica and Michael said...

Davis hasn't even been born yet and still has about a week or so to go and I already feel this way. I think I've been stressing out about it way too much but can't help it. I wonder how much things will change between my husband and I, and I worry about sleep...not getting any. Sleep I mean.