Aug 7, 2009

What I Love About Being a Mommy

The top ten things I love about being a Mommy:
  1. How much love I feel for my "little ladybug"... it's an amazing feeling to fall so much in love with you child.
  2. Having to be completely unselfish. I think, like most people, we are generally selfish beings. That goes out the window immediately once your little one is placed on your chest. All of your thoughts and energy are focused on taking care of your baby.
  3. Getting the most happiness from smaller things - smiles, poops, snuggles, etc.
  4. Not having a giant belly anymore.
  5. The new bond between my husband and I. As much as we want to kill each other sometimes, from tiredness mostly, being parents has brought us much closer.
  6. The giant tah-tahs - actually I think that's Dan's favourite part about me being a Mom.
  7. Not working, enough said, it rocks!
  8. I'm rich... cause I have no time to spend any money.
  9. How much I have to look forward to - smiles, first words, first steps, first teeth, everything!
  10. Just being a Mom - being the one Jane wants when she cries, being able to nurture her, just taking care of her!
Anybody want to add their favourite things?!?! Comments!

Jen :)

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Jessica and Michael said...

That is so very sweet. I have a few more weeks to find out also. I'm so excited and so happy for you!

Mike and Kate said...

Sounds great! I can't wait - just two more days til my due date! Come on baby!

MommyBrain said...

As the mom of a two year old, I love the challenge of finding the patience to deal with things like tantrums and not wanting to share ... it has really forced me to think about things from a different perspective, namely that of a human who has only been alive for two years ... how different life must be for her!

Most days I find the the patience I need and when I don't, I learn something from it.