Aug 5, 2009

Mommy Money Savers #3

Chicken breasts are probably the most expensive item on my grocery list... and also the most common item in my recipes. But most of the chicken breasts you buy are well over the 3oz-sized protein serving that is recommended for each meal.

I save money by halving each single chicken breast. I then put each piece of the breast in a ziploc bag and pound it out with the bottom of a heavy pan... not only does this make the breast larger but it also tenderizes the meat which is great.

This saves me tons of dough and, not surprisingly, my hubby and I are still full after dinner!

Jen :)

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Holly said...

Great tip! I have recently discovered some of my favorite recipes taste the same if I use thighs instead of breasts.

Jessica and Michael said...

Lord, we eat chicken all the time. I'm sure my husband wants to yell at me sometimes! Haha. I buy the chicken in bags and that's pretty cheap too.