Aug 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Finally back from vacation... literally have only a few minutes to write as I want to unpack and re-adjust to life at home!

Had a great vacation - relaxing (mostly) and great to see my family. Jane was fabulous, as always (of course I would say that), and did great on the plane rides, which was a relief.

I'm currently scarfing down pizza - if you aren't a mom yet, you WILL learn to scarf your food as it always works out that baby wakes mid-meal hungry and screaming. She's sleeping in the swing right now, really minimal chance of her waking, yet I am so accustomed to scarfing now that you don't dare stand between me and a meal... dangerous territory. :p

Have about a hundred thousand thank you cards to get done from Christening presents that I am forcing myself to do immediately before I forget what people gave us and am required to write the generic "thanks for the sweet gift" message.

I'm sure I have tons to write about in the next few days on our vacation, however, due to the early flight, I've been awake since 3:45am and think that any posts written pre-nap will include a lot of expletives, grammar/spelling errors, and general nonsense. :p

Jen :) xo

PS - I read ALL of the comments on the posts that were put up while I was away... it would literally take me days to respond but, regardless, I wanted to acknowledge them. As usual, they made me laugh and, most importantly, made me realize I'm not alone!! THANKS!!!

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Mandy Jo said...

Welcome home!!! The fast eating never they get older it is always something.!