Jul 31, 2009

First Vaccines...

First off, let me say that my little sweetie had her best night's sleep last night - almost 7 hours! Of course Mommy didn't sleep that long as I woke up at 2am waiting for her to wake up and she didn't budge until 4am!! :p Stupid Mommy!

Now, let's talk vaccines. Oh my god, what a sin! You're telling me they can send a man to the moon but they can't have vaccines in oral form or have it in one freakin' needle instead of two!?!? What the HECK? We took tylenol an hour before as the doc recommended but I don't know how much worse it could have been. I mean, it wasn't too bad but Jane's never REALLY cried, like tears and everything. Mostly she just fusses and fake cries to get her point across. It was heartbreaking! The doc gave her a shot in one leg, she screeched and then he did the other leg right after! Of course I started to calm her immediately but then 2-3 mins past and the docs coming back into the room trying to kick me out cause he has other patients! What the heck am I supposed to do, drag her, the car seat, my purse, etc. etc. into the waiting room and try to calm her down out there!! Stupid.

She stopped crying after a few minutes and I brought her down to the car, where it took me 30 minutes to get her calm enough that I could leave. I gave her boob right away and she feel asleep but she was literally still cry-heaving in her sleep (you know where they kind of suck in a bunch of air and make this whimpering noise?). I tried to put her in the car seat at that point and she starting crying again - so hard that she was struggling to breathe! I took her in my arms immediately and just held her for 20 mins until she was passed out and not whimpering anymore. God love her.

She seems to be doing fine now - sleeping contently in her swing. Doc said to give her the tylenol every 4 hours for the rest of the day to keep the pain down and to help with the mild temperature that is apparently a side effect of the vaccines.

So, in summary, I did better than I expected as I fully expected to break down crying myself. And, truthfully, it wasn't AS bad as I had prepared myself for. However, it was still heartbreaking and I just wanna die when I change her diaper and see the two bandaids stuck to her chubby little thighs!

On a brighter note, to make you laugh, I cried at a walmart commercial yesterday! ha ha ha. Here's the scenario: Mom dropping daughter off at college, went to walmart to get all the stuff to make her dorm room awesome, Mom leaves and, as walking away, daughter calls out to her and runs into her arms for a goodbye hug. I lost it. Seriously, am I going to be like this forever? Crying over the past/future moments between a Mom and baby?!?! ha ha ha. I crack myself up.

Jen :)

PS - Heading to Newfoundland tomorrow, have written some posts that will be posted throughout next week to keep y'all in the loop. Hopefully I will also be able to write some "live" posts during my trip!

PPS - See the updated "Baby Jane Slideshow" (on the right) for all of Jane's professional shots! Thanks again Kerianne - you are a GENIUS!

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Mandy Jo said...

I love the new pictures!! They are great!! :( I know how it is with the shots..I cried so much that the doctor said we do this everyday she will be fine! I gave him a look and I think he knew to close his mouth..lol..