Aug 1, 2009

Time for Me

This is one of the biggest struggles I'm having right now, taking time for me. I saw on Oprah last week, coincidentally, that the average Mom gets less than an hour to do non-baby related things every day. I seriously feel so guilty about complaining that I don't get any time to myself... I feel like in complaining about it, I'm saying that I want time away from Jane, which is obviously not the case. As a result, I've barely taken any time for myself in the last 8 weeks.

It's also difficult sometimes to take the time as the time isn't available! Dan always offers to take care of Jane in the evenings so I can go get a bath alone or go for a run, which is great. However, Jane tends to be a little fussier in the evenings and how am I supposed to relax if I can here her crying?!?! Dan is completely capable of soothing her, but there's something about being near her when she's upset that soothes me!

The other side of it is that, in taking time for myself, I'm taking time away from Dan. We only get a few hours together each day to chat and hang out. If I disappear to be by myself during this time then I literally will only see him on the weekends!

It's going to be hard to find a balance and, right now, I'm coping quite well with the lack of me-time, however, eventually I'd like to find a solution. Any suggestions?

Jen :)

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Jen Peddle said...

Have Auntie Jen babysit!

Allie said...

Seeing as you mentioned Oprah, maybe TV is something you could cut out?? Unless that IS one of your relaxing-time activities!

Anonymous said...

Its early days, stick with it and it will work itself out Im sure. And think positive, you'll lucky you see him every day, my man is in the Navy at the moment I just see him at weekends (and nto every one at that) and I fear he will miss our baby grow .... but that's okay, it's how it is. Just need ti think of all the positives and concentrate on those xx