Jul 30, 2009

8 Weeks

Jane is 8 weeks old tomorrow... can't believe it. I'm convinced that you count your pregnancy and the early months of your baby's life in weeks to fool you into thinking less time has passed. Of course, in pregnancy, we say 40 weeks because if we said 10 months, we'd have a population downturn. But in the early months of your baby's life, as it flies by, it's easier to think that only 8 weeks have passed vs. 2 months! Like saying I have 10,000 pennies vs. 100 bucks!

We're doing well, Jane and I. She's starting to sleep for longer periods, up to 5 hours, some nights. Some being the key word. I keep trying to "fill 'er up" as much as possible before bed, thinking she'll sleep longer and, thus, I'll sleep longer. But it seems there's no rhyme or reason. On nights where I think she hasn't eaten much, she'll sleep for 5 hours. Then the next night she'll drink a ton, sleep for 2 hours and miraculously be hungry again! These nights are difficult.

I'm getting more done during the day, becoming more willing to actually put her down (sometimes) when she's sleeping. :) At least, we're now getting out for a 20-30min walk most days now. Part of that is that I've solved a worry I had, thanks to a girlfriend. I was worried about walking with Jane when it was sunny, because at some point in my walk, she'd be in direct sunlight for awhile. I didn't want to put both stroller covers over her because I was worried she'd overheat. However, today I used a strategically draped blanket to cover her up when the sun was on her... it worked perfectly and still let the breeze in. It must sound like a crazy concern... to NOT walk when it's sunny, but it was a real one! They don't put these simple concerns in baby books but they should!

We're going on our first vacation and plane ride on Saturday! I'm a nervous flyer myself and I'm even more worried now flying with Jane. However, I'm hoping I will surprise myself and be more brave flying with her because I'll want to avoid making her nervous. Fingers crossed.

There will likely be a few less posts from August 1 - 11th as, like I said, I'm away.

Jen :)

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Mike and Kate said...

Good luck on the flight! Are you having Jane baptised while you're home? What did you decide to have her wear?

Meredith said...

I can't believe ow much she's grown--she really is beautiful!

Sheryl said...

You'll have a fantastic flight! I flew many times with my little guy from Ottawa to PEI (always stopping Halifax!) starting when he was about 7 weeks old. On every flight I found the attendants were fantastic and were tripping over themselves to help me. I hope you get the same experience :)

MommyBrain said...

She's so beautiful! 8 weeks is quite a milestone ... it won't be too long and you'll start to count time in months instead of weeks :)

Don't worry about the traveling ... I've taken Natalie on 10 trips in 2 years (8 of which I did without my husband) and every flight has been just fine ... with one diaper blow-out, but that just makes for entertaining stories :) Being able to nurse during the flight was such a savior in the early days. And strangers (other passengers) will be so willing to help you ... I couldn't believe the kindness that was extended to me on my trips. Someone always offered to help.

Have a great and safe trip!