Apr 20, 2012

Pregnancy Cravings?

People keep asking me if I have any pregnancy cravings... how common is this? Do you think pregnancy really gives you cravings or just permission? Maybe all your life you've been wanting to know what pickles dipped in ice cream tasted like but you hid your inner desires in fear of judgement, mockery and being shunned by society.

For me. I don't get cravings. I think partly because I eat everything and anything I should and shouldn't all the time. But, I do get pregnancy obsessive food thoughts... like, I'll smell something or someone will mention a food or I'll see something that triggers the thought of the food and then I CANNOT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD until I eat it. Nothing will be substituted. Nothing will distract it.

Par exemple. We were over at my sisters house tonight for dinner, where I demolished a large garlic fingers alongside my sister (I think maybe some of the others got some, but it didn't seem like it... :p). So, Jane eats her token two garlic fingers, tells me shes "all done mommy" and heads off because, well, we're at someone else's house so all their toys (even though they are identical to the ones we have at home) are SUPER SPECIAL and DISTRACTING. A half hour later, she is leading me to my sisters cupboard where she points at the box of Honey Nut Cheerios because she wants a bowl. Enter: Obsessive Pregnancy Food Thought Disorder. After pigging out on enormous, and nutritionally void dough and cheese, I wrote the night off and told myself to look forward to a huge bowl of chips (or two) and some chocolate, when I got home. Because this is how I roll. If I eat one bad thing during the day, I write the entire day off and eat every bad thing I would ever want during that day so I can "start again" the next day... of course, the next day is always like a Thursday and WHO ON EARTH starts healthy eating on a THURSDAY?!?! That's insanity I tell you.

Anyways. Long story short. I'm at the grocery store a half hour ago. In the chip aisle. Staring at a wall of possibilities - of which I've granted myself all access. And. I can think of nothing but HONEY NUT CHEERIOS. Miss Vickies Jalapeno Chips - with all their greasy, spicy, crunchy goodness? Nope. Sweet and salty, high in fibre, good for my cholesterol, HONEY NUT CHEERIOS.

So, here I am, on my Friday night binge - stuffing my pregnancy-chubby-cheeks with Cheerios. If you want to call that a craving, go for it. I call it mind control. And, if you want to call it pregnancy related, go for it... but if affects me daily, hormones or not. :p I call it being a woman. Dan just said to me "you might want to breathe..." in reference to my stuffing - to which I responded "I'm eating CHEERIOS" as if that's an excuse to eat more faster...

Have a great weekend!

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