Feb 3, 2012

a nursery project

So, any of you who had the pleasure of accompanying me through my journey as a mommy of one, probably know that I like projects. Well, clarify... I get myself into things, that I end up screwing up, or ends up being way more than I wanted to take on, that I have to finish because I've, no doubt, invested time and/or money and, somehow, they usually don't turn out too bad. Or, maybe, the ones that are complete messes, I throw out before it reaches the final stages so I never truly fail at anything. :p

Anyways. I was snooping the net last night, like I do every night because, like a lot of moms, once my child is asleep - I relax - and then five minutes later I get the jitters and need to be doing something and grab my computer so that I can multitask watching tv with finding new and exciting ways to spend my time and/or money (as discussed above). There's a blog I check regularly that posts neat things for babes and just neat things in general, Posh Little, and I found this gorgeous nursery - well, gorgeous to me. Everyone's style is different. I like more grown-up kids rooms vs. baby-ish rooms if that makes any sense to anyone except the little mouse running his wheel in my head.

Aside from falling in love with the changetable... ONLY a mom-to-be could fall head over heels in love with a CHANGETABLE - like spent over an hour last night trying to find a way for me to get it here in good ol' atlantic canada (FAIL). Oh, added to the fact that I already have a changetable that's in near-perfect condition - of course, I rationalized in my head that I would sell said changetable on kijiji and use the proceeds to pay for my new changetable which was all a waste of time cause I couldn't find it anyways! (Insert whimpering and pouting lip here).

I also loved the idea of the random, quirky, artwork that this creative Mom had hung over the changetable. Coincidentally, filling the space above my changetable in the new baby's nursery has been something I've been giving some thought too. I was just going to hang a long mirror, landscape, above it but that's what I did with Jane's old nursery and, I have to say, looking red-eyed into the reflection at 3am during a bum-change at the person I'd become, I quickly realized that maybe a mirror wasn't the brightest idea I'd ever had.

Here's what I did... I went on Etsy.com - one of my most favourite places in the world to waste time and/or money. I went into the Children area, and then went into Children's Art. Then, I found things I liked. Then, I saved myself money and wasted an amazingly ridiculous amount of time, by making my own versions of several things I liked. You don't have to tell me how horrible a person I am for copying other people's ideas and creative vision... cause I'm too cheap to care. :p But seriously, with some help from photoshop, googling clipart and what not, I created some seriously cool pics to hang. I had them printed, matte, in several different sizes today at costco and now they are framed and ready to go. All in 24 hours baby!

Here's some of my knock offs...

I also found these two cute messages for Jane's (soon to be "the kid's") bathroom that I have to say are two of my favourites...
Time well wasted if you ask me! Woot Woot! Now, to find another project... ;)


Laura said...

I also stole ideas from etsy and made mine own! You are my sunshine was one of them too!

Jen said...

Oh phew! ha ha ha. I felt half-guilty about it. :p

I also did three separate "you are my sunshine" pics for Jane's room as that has become "our song".

SO cheap and fun and everything else that makes me enjoy life! tee hee.

Krys said...

Love, Love, Love!!!!!!

Lisa said...

I love them!