Feb 6, 2012

giant-sized exhaustion...

going to sleep.

my team won the superbowl last night. I was awake until 11:30pm. I haven't seen 11:30pm for so long I literally cannot remember. I cried. Seriously. The game ends and I'm by myself (because I sent Dan to watch with his "buddies") and I'm overcome with happiness... what happens to a pregnant woman who's overcome with anything?

(a) you pee your pants
(b) you cry
(c) you faint
(d) all of the above

Correct answer is (d). So it's really a superbowl miracle that I didn't have to throw my pants out. :p

And, before you ask, yes... four years ago, when Eli first went to the superbowl and kicked the pats ass, I had the time to photoshop myself into a photo with him. Do you think the thought crossed my mind to do an update last night? Heck yeah. It's only pure exhaustion, even now, that I don't go for it now!

Why, six years ago, did I choose the Giants as "my" team?? For girl reasons... Originally, I was an Indy fan - loved Peyton Manning who was (is?) a football genius - top quarterback for sure. Then I discovered Eli. Eli, his little brother... not so much a GENIUS, per se. A little less consistent. A little less good looking. A little less superstar. A little less in general. And it was love. Every underdog needs a good cheerleader. Two years later, they won the superbowl against the PATS (the Yankees of the football world) when I was on my honeymoon!! WOOT WOOT! (picture attached). Four years later they do it to me again.

I seriously think I burned off all the calories I ate (chips and smarties - due to stress) in the last 3:39 of that game... completely, fabulously, amazingly, awesome.

Nothing better than rooting for an underdog and having them win. Twice. Love you Eli.

Here's a pic of me during my last pregnancy - when my fabulous hubby came home with a gift... :) And, yes, I realize I'm crazy.

Sorry for the lack of anything nonsense-y tonight... xo

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