Mar 26, 2010


Yeah... I totally forgot to write this morning. And, as much as I love you all, Jane's just gone for a nap and I'm about to watch Vampire Diaries. Obviously the blog and you fabulous followers should take priority over vampires but hot vampires? Please tell me you understand that I'm about to write the shortest post to date.

Sometimes us Moms just need a break from reality. I think that's why there are bazillions of Twi-Moms in the world... we are all in need of a little fantasy world to escape to - where men are perfect, life is easy (well, aside from the whole risking your life by dating a vampire and such), and choosing which pair of Jimmy Choo's you're gonna pick off the shelf is the days biggest challenge. K, obviously that last one is not from Twilight but chick-lit in general is my favourite escape and I couldn't think of anything else from Twilight. :p

Just grabbed myself a cup of tea and ready to go now!

To make up for the lack of writing, here's a video I got of Jane yesterday. I was always "forcing" her to listen to Anne Murray and Raffi... little did I know, I've got a little rap-lover on my hands! Officially ditched the baby music off the ipod today and loaded it with old Destiny's Child, Beyonce, Flo Rider, Timbaland (is it Timbaland or Timberland? I'm so gangsta!) and even Jay-Z... she loves it. Hilarious.

Love you all - have a great weekend!

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