Mar 31, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

Well, well, well... I'm at a loss. What the heck do I do for Wednesday next week?



After almost 10 months post-baby and 8 months of Weigh-in Wednesdays, it's gone. All gone. What's left is not the same. But at least step one is done! YIPEE!! Insert your happy dance here! I am so shocked and relieved... and about to do what every girl who reaches her weight loss goal does... eat some chocolate baby! Celebration time! Coincidence I should reach my goal pre-Easter - I think not!

How did I lose three pounds in one week? I about you-know-what in my pants this morning when I got in the scale - well, I wasn't wearing pants actually (pants would have added at least 0.5 lbs) and had I actually you-know-what-ed I would have weighed even less! :p I'm sick, I know. In truth, I ate insanely healthy this week... better than ever. I've traded in my typical dessert of light hot chocolate covered in fat free whipped cream or a black bean brownie smothered in whipped cream (both about 100-125 cals) for one piece of dark (70% cocoa) chocolate - saving myself 50-75 cals and satisfying my need for sweet a heck of a lot more. I must admit, it's no Fruit-n-Nut bar, but it works and that works for me! Secondly, I ran my a** off (literally). I ran four times last week, doing 3 mins running, 1 min walking intervals and started 4-n-1s this week. I'm thinking it must be the combo of the two that finally got me over "the hump".

I meant to take some pictures but I will for sure update this post later for you - right now, I'm running out the door - literally - time for a run! :)

Thanks for all your support - you guys are awesome. Definitely couldn't have done it without you!

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PS - Happy Early APRIL FOOLS!! :p I'm totally not at my goal weight and, trust me, if I was, you'd be getting pictures galore and a lot more celebration! :p

Why would I do an early april fools? Well, I'd like to say because I wanted to trick you and I thought if I posted it tomorrow, you'd totally catch on. But, truth is, I 100% thought today was April 1st and then my post didn't post when I set the date to April 1st. So, I'm like what the heck is going on? So I checked my computer's calender and it says March 31st. I was so convinced that it was April 1st that, for a second, I thought.... HA, funny, I wonder if all the computers are doing this today as an April Fools joke (yeah, because that would be acceptable - all the world's computers with a wrong date)! Seriously. I even ran through the "30 days has September..." rhyme in my head to make sure. I'm an idiot.

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kristie said...

you made my day :)

Allison said...

OMG! You totally had me. No kidding, I was drafting a congrats comment in my head while reading. Hee-larious!

Lindsay said...

LOL I was drafting a congrats response while reading this too!! But BAHAHAHA at thinking today was Apr 1 ... totally something I would do to :)

Ange said...

Oh my gooness - you're hilarious!! I think I eat 1/2 my daily calories after dinner so I was a bit jealous & suspicious at your small piece of chocolate!

Thanks for the laugh!

Emily said...

You! I was all ready to write congratulations and Yay for running and tell you how I did my first 6K of this summer with my running buddy tonight ... whatever! ;)

Jen said...

Oh ladies... you crack me up.

BTW - I wasn't lying about the chocolate and the running, just about the weight loss!

Jen :)

Lena! said...

Hahaha, I'm glad I scrolled to the bottom and read the entire post, or I would have been the only commenter to write Congratulations!