Jan 25, 2010

Wonder-ful Bumpers

Previously, I have discussed Bumper Pads and why, in my experience, I understood the dangers of them...especially when Jane was a newborn. Although a bumper pad came with my crib bedding, I immediately put it in the linen closet, knowing it was recommended not to use bumper pads to help prevent SIDS.

However, as she's gotten bigger and started rolling around, I've sometimes reconsidered the bumper pad. I regularly put Jane to sleep awake and, before her naps, she usually plays around in her crib for 20 mins or so before falling asleep. I cannot tell you the number of times that she has bonked her head on her crib rails. Also, a few days ago, she was up playing before naptime and suddenly I heard a "different" cry come through the monitor. All Moms know the drama-queen cry (a.k.a. the if you respond to me I'll do this all the time to get what I want cry) and the I'm hurt cry. But this one was different... almost an in-betweeny. So, I ran upstairs to find her little leg jammed between the crib rails. I literally had to turn her perpendicular to the crib to get her leg out. She was fine, just a little scared, I think, from being trapped.

I just came across Wonder Bumpers in PTPA's Award Winners and gimme, gimme, gimme! If you can't tell from the picture, they are vertical crib rail wraps that wrap each "jail bar" separately in cushy fabric. They would perfectly fulfill my need to keep Jane from hurting her little noggin' again and it also looks like it would reduce the gap size between rails - hopefully keeping her legs inside the crib where they belong! Most importantly, air can still circulate between the crib bars - preventing the increased risk of SIDS that normally accompanies a standard bumper pad. Now, I just need to choose my design - so many fabulous colours (I think the pink and cream is my fav so far - pictured above)! YIPEE! What a great idea!

They may seem a little expensive, starting at $119 for a 24 pack. However, to put it in perspective, my bedding set cost $200 and the bumper pad was BY FAR the most significant item in the set and it sits in my linen closet unused. Had I just bought the Wonder Bumpers and some sheets separately, I probably would have spent the same amount, or less, and actually gotten something I would use!

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PS - Find Wonder Bumpers at Go Mama Go Designs.

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Mandi Miller said...

That is a great idea! If I have another baby I will definitely need to buy those!