Jul 25, 2009

Bye Bye Bumper Pads

Last night I questioned the existence of the ever controversial bumper pad... my conclusion, the thing is a potential death trap!

When my beautiful baby bedding arrived, during pregnancy, I was surprised to find a huge bumper pad included with my purchase. I mean, in pre-natal class, you're basically told that removing bumper pads/loose blankets is as important as laying your baby on his/her back in preventing SIDS. I never understood why. I even considered, because I have the sleeprite positioners (see picture)
, putting the bumper pad in, thinking the sleeprites would prevent her from moving around and potentially suffocating in the bumper pad. I decided against this as they also say that bumper pads reduce circulation of air which can increase the SIDS risk.

I woke up last night and looked over at Jane in her cradle. She had somehow wiggled herself so that she was sleeping diagonally with her head almost right against the side of the cradle (which is completely open, similar to the sides of a crib so no worries). All I could think was OH MY GOD, this is why bumper pads are the devil! Had she been in a crib with a bumper pad, she may have suffocated!

I had to pass along this story... I know it was purely a "what if" moment but, as I said, during pregnancy, I had considered leaving the bumper pad in because I thought she'd be immobile! Obviously, it's not worth the risk for a "prettier" nursery!

I'm sure had that stupid bumper pad not been included with my bedding package, I could have saved at least $50... instead that $50 is shoved (miraculously) into my linen closet, taking up a whole shelfs-worth of space! Crappity crappers :p

Hope this saves the moms-to-be out there even the consideration of leaving the bumper pad in their crib!

Jen :)

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Mike and Kate said...

I also decided it wasn't worth the risk just to have the crib look nicer with the bumper pads in and when I was looking for bedding I found it so frustrating that all the sets came with bumper pads. Baby bedding is crazy expensive as it is without paying for something I won't even use. Luckily I have a crafty Mom, so she made my baby bedding for me sans bumper pads.

Thanks for sharing this story - I feel justified in my decision.


Margaret said...

Thanks for this. I was on the fence about the bumper, thinking the same as you, that the baby wouldn't really be moving. But this confirms my original thought; just a waste of $.

Jessica said...

I actually love the bumber. My daughter (5 months old) moves around so much in her crib and I am afraid she will roll into the side of the bed to hit her head. The bumbers protect her hurting herself. They are tied down and don't move and I think they actually help rather than worry me. On a side note, I did find the sleep positioner to be a hazard! She wiggled so much in her sleep that one day she was under the positioner and it was draped over her head. It scared me half to death because I thought she could suffocate because of this. After this, no more positioner and she sleeps just fine without it.

TOgirl said...

I also love the bumper, have been using it for my baby since she was 6 mos. She would move around in her sleep and wake herself up every half hour, bumping into the bars. The bumper really helped with that and I often find her with her head against the sides, but safe and sound. I honestly dont see the risk of suffocation, once theyre bigger..If you have your bumper installed so it is tight against the crib bars, you should be fine.

If there are still worried moms out there, they make bumpers now out of the breathable mesh material which I've see at the Bay in Richmond Hill.