Dec 9, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday

Down to the last ten pounds. What the heck am I going to write about on Wednesdays in the new year? Mind you, thinking realistically, post-Christmas I'll probably still have 10 lbs to lose... as I fully intend on eating my weight in chocolate, turkey, cookies, etc. So this could go on for quite a while longer... hmmm, will have to find a new spin. :p

I'm getting the point where I don't have a heck of a lot to write about when it comes to these WIW posts. It's been going on forever! I never expected it to take me so long to lose 20 lbs, but then again, I've never really needed to lose such a large amount of weight before (aside from University which was just a matter of cutting out the first-year booze and macaroons).

I'm definitely starting to feel more like myself now. I find myself walking like my old self again - standing up tall and walking confidently. Standing up straight is an issue. Since having Jane, I find myself slouching A LOT! I mean your constantly walking around with this extra 15-20 lbs on your arm and then your slouching over to breastfeed all the time, it ain't good. Thankfully, Dan and I decided to forgo the typical Christmas gifts this year and, instead, we're getting spa treatments. Well, he's getting a 1.5 hr long massage and I'm getting a scrub, hydrotherapy treatment and massage. MMMMMMM. I am so excited. I have always gotten massages regularly (in Canada it's usually covered by our health insurance to their FREE - sorry American girls!) and they are my little piece of heaven every month. If I was loaded rich, I would hire a in-house masseuse for an everyday outdoor massage in from of my infinity pool in southern California.... don't know why, but I envision living like the girls of "The Hills" when I picture my "rich life" - aside from the going out all the time, drama, annoying blond girls, etc. Basically just the cars, restaurants and houses. :) Oh, and I'd hire someone to take out Spencer Pratt (if you don't know who I'm talking about, consider yourself lucky).

It's 6am on Wednesday morning, still dark out. But, lately if I get a good sleep, I've been waking up early to get some "me" things done. If you're not following me on facebook or twitter, then you haven't heard that I'm subjecting myself to re-reading the Twilight series. My subjecting myself, I mean torturing myself because I'm completely addicted to it again and also completely hating on myself for not now, or ever, likely being able to write like Stephanie Meyer!

I have to go now because my little battery icon is flashing at me and I'm too lazy to run downstairs and grab the cord for my laptop.


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