Dec 8, 2009

My Life Update

Haven't talked about what's going on in the world of Jen in awhile and, by golly, I'm sure you all are just dying to know what we're up to! So here goes...

Jane is sweet as pie. She laughs, smiles, and squeals all day long. Both of her bottom front teeth are showing now but still hidden in pictures... I can't wait to show them off to you! :p I've tried to get her to "brush" her teeth (i.e. given her a tooth brush and let her chew on it) but when I put toothpaste on it she kept touching it to her mouth, tasting it, making a hilarious "yuck" face and then wouldn't chew on it. So, I washed off the toothpaste thinking that would work and then she would only chew on the non-brush end... so I'm gonna stick with just washing out her mouth with a cloth for a little while longer.

She's sleeping unswaddled now, since we started letting her sleep on her belly 3-4 weeks ago. As you know, I was a little freaked about letting her sleep on her belly but I asked my doc about it and he said that, after 6 months, the risk of SIDS is insanely low so I shouldn't worry about it. I double checked because what "they" say is that you should still put babes to bed on their back and if they flip themselves, fine. But he said I was safe to put her to sleep on her belly (she won't fall asleep on her back anymore). Another thing I'm doing, that I know I said I'd "never" do, is letting Jane "cry it out"... a little anyways, during the night. Since teething, she started waking up once or twice and crying for hour-long periods (not hard crying, more like whining). At first I'd respond to her but I quickly realized that she's at an age now that she is learning - when I cry, Mommy comes - and I can't let that continue. So now, it's kind of funny actually, she'll start her whining, which wakes me up of course, and then like an hour later I'll wake up again and realize, "oh crap" but she's then she's asleep so if obviously wasn't that bad! ha ha ha. This makes the "cry it out" method a lot easier on me, seeing as a sleep through it! She's getting really great at getting herself to sleep, I'm thinking related to this "cry it out" nonsense. At nap time during the day, I can literally put her up there (knocking on wood right now) fully awake, she'll play around by herself for a little bit and then, next thing I know, she's passed out. It's awesome!

The solid food thing is mostly going well. Most days she'll eat her cereal but some days she has no interest. We've tried applesauce, bananas, prune and sweet potato with success as well. I have to admit, I hate introducing solids. Breastfeeding is so easy now... it takes me like 5-10 mins max to feed her. Now, I have to prepare cereal, try desperately to get some in her mouth whilst avoiding flying arms and grabbing hands and then basically bathe her and I in wipes afterwards. I have kind of given up at this point as I've realized she's probably going to have stains on her clothes until she's 14 at this rate (see picture).

She had her 6 month check-up last week and all is well... I have to bring her back in a week or two for the H1N1 shot and I am not looking forward to that! Anyone have any experience with this? I know my arm killed me for a week - I'm hoping it doesn't hurt her that bad?!?!

As far as me, I'm doing great. Looking forward to Christmas - it's my fav! Working on another Crazy Mommy Project that I will post about once it's finished, good or bad! I just got our Holiday cards from Every Moment Matters (our recent Giveaway supplier) and they are gorgeous (that's it on the right). I'm spending most of my free time these days working on the blog, trying to get more giveaways for the new year, and searching the deep, dark, corners of my brain for a way to get rich in the next 6 months so I don't have to leave my little lady bug. So far, nodda... any ideas?

That's all for now...

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Mama Kayla said...

Awww..she's just the cutest thing. EVER!

I know how you feel about the belly sleeping thing. Story started that around Jane's age and it was terrifying! I had to completely put it out of mind before I could fall asleep!

Meg said...

Such a cute card. I came across your blog a few weeks before you had Jane and it has been amazing to see her "grow up" on your blog. Our little guy is due in 2 weeks (but hopefully he will come sooner) and just seeing how your Jane has grown over 6 months just makes me that much more excited for what is to come!

Peter, Jill, and Parker said...

Parker is belly sleeping now too. We put him down like that to start. He will have a long stretch of sleep and then when he wakes up we swaddle him. So our 'Operation - No Swaddle' is semi working. i figure by the end of the year we'll be saying bye-bye to the swaddle wrap. Belly sleeping freaks me out, especially if I didn't put him in the crib. I just have to see him sleeping like that, see his breath move and then i can relax. But i figure if my parents had us sleeping on our bellies and we survived, it can't be all that bad. Glad to hear Jane is swaddle free. Its liberating really.

The Tucker Family said...

Just wanted to say this blog is great! Added it to my google reader.


say said...

I stumbled upon your blog recently, and love it!
I, too, am a first time Canadian mom with a 7 month old daughter - so everything you are going through really hits home for me! Although my Kate screams for us to come and flip her back when she gets on to her stomach in her crib, she does share many of Jane's other milestones and adventures!

I love reading your on-point descriptions of all the ins and outs of being a mom for the first time.

Please keep it up!


Angepeets said...

I'm with ya Jenn - in many ways!!
Chloe just started sleeping on her tummy too because the back sleeping wasn't working anymore - she would lift her legs up in the air constantly and wham them down in her crib...all night long!
And let me know if you figure out how to get rich because I'm constantly thinking of ways I can stay home too!