Dec 14, 2009

MOmMy bRaIn Monday

So, after a few weeks of missing MB Mondays, I finally took it upon myself to make note of some of the stupid things I did during this past week. Of course, I know there was at least 2-3 moments yesterday when I said "Oh my God, I'm an idiot!" but I can't remember what they were.

Here are the few I remember, hope you enjoy:

(1) I keep getting other people's mail and it's so annoying. If I'm going to be delivering mail, I either want to be paid for it or I want a discount on postage for myself! Anyways, a parcel arrived from amazon so I immediately opened it as I was expecting some books. Instead it was these crazy-smart-people type of poetry books or political books or something. I dunno because as soon as I looked at the cover and realized it wasn't pale pink with some chick on the front with a martini in her hand (you know, the typical chic-lit cover style) I knew there was a mistake. I checked the address and it was #13 and we're #33. So, on my way out, I went to #13. Only, #13 didn't exist. So, I thought, hmmm it must be #15 then. So, I went up my neighbours stairs, rang the doorbell and while I was waiting, I re-check the address and realized it was #13 of the street next to ours. So, here I am standing on my neighbour's doorstep (whom I don't know btw) and all I wanted to do was RUN! I was going to look like an idiot having to explain that I got someone else's mail and I thought it was yours but it's not so thanks, have a nice day! To make matters worse, of course it was a man so I couldn't even use my "I've lost my mind because I'm a new Mom" excuse because he wouldn't get it. When I did go to the right house, I explained all the stupid things I had done to the actual book owner and he didn't even smile... I shoulda known. Anybody who orders TWO serious, poetry or political, smarty, smarty books would probably think I was as big an idiot as I felt I was...

(2) I bought another Christmas dress for Jane. It was so cute that immediately, when I got home, I dressed her in it for a Christmas photoshoot. I even put her tights on! It wasn't until after I had it all on and stood her up that I realized my dress was a little short... because it was a top.

(3) I asked somebody at Walmart what fabric softener was for. I mean, obviously, by the name it would suggest to soften fabric - but why is this necessary? Regardless, the woman thought I was an idiot.

(4) This isn't really a MB moment, but a Mom moment regardless. I was having some sort of sexy dream about someone (I can't remember) so we'll say it was my husband. Anyways, I woke up in the middle of it freaking out because I knew it'd been at least a week since I shaved my legs and whoever "he" was was rubbing on my hairy legs! What the heck? Isn't that the point of dreams - that they AREN'T reality! Stupid.

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Anybody have any MB moments of their own to share?

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Courtney said...

LOL! OMG I have done the same thing with the whole "Sexy stranger" dream. I actually woke up and half asleep went to try to get in the shower. It wasn't until I flipped the light switch that I woke up. My husband thought it was HILARIOUS.

PixieDust said...

I have the same problem with mail. The previous tenants of the place we are living in now left without changing any of their things. So I have received phone bills, electricity bills and even parcels from other countries! The whole family just seemed to have vanished!

Lol @ the dream!

halfstitched said...

Jen, you crack me up! Did you ever figure out what fabric softener was for?


Mommy Cain said...

ok, I have to share my MB moment which made me think of you right away.
Hubby went to the store last night to get chips, I had envisioned in my piggy little brain him bringing back plain chips so I could make them that much more fattening and dip them in my french onion dip, needless to say when he came back with gross sour cream I was disappointed and asked what happened to the regular chips. He said, sorry the corner store didn't have any regular chips... Ready for my MB mumbled, under my breath, sarcastic reaction??? "No, of COURSE the corner store wouldn't carry any CORN.. You can picture the look on my husbands face right? "My wife has finally lost her mind poor thing.." LOL