Nov 18, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

Despite a weekend of heavy exercise which included mall shopping and two bouts of outdoor shopping, added to a diet heavy in chocolate, wine, steak, Coldstone, and the odd english muffin, I am appalled, shocked, mind-blown-surprised that I did not lose weight this week?!?! I mean what does a girl have to do?

What I did do was a little retail therapy. I was avoiding buying any clothes to fit my current body because I didn't want to waste the money and I thought that buying clothes for this body might make me less motivated to lose the weight. However, after spending a weekend with my fabulous, beautiful, lost-my-baby-weight-in-a-week girlfriend (I know, it makes you want to hate her but you can't because it's not her fault... she's been chasing after her baby boy since day one), I realized that the better I feel about myself, the more I like myself, the more I want to like myself more, the more I am motivated to lose this weight. So, I sucked it up and went shopping - I know, poor me!!

So, now, in my new jeans and t-shirts, I am feelin' good and ready to not fit into them anymore! :p In a good way obviously - like they are too big (I feel the need to be clear because I know there are others suffering from the MB out there).

I also bought some new shoes. Shoes and purses are the BEST make-you-feel-good purchases... because I am always a size 8. Even when I was 40 weeks pregnant, I was a cute size 8 shoe! ha ha ha. And who doesn't love a new purse? So exciting to look inside and find new spots to put all your old crap!

Jen :)

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Shannon said...

Great post Jen! I sucked it up and bought some new jeans and a few shirts about a month after my son was born and am happy to say that now (a few months later) they are now too big. Not so big that they look bad, but big enough that I feel like I accomplished something. I definitely find the new loose fitting clothes more motivating than the old too tight ones. Keep working at it - you'll get there!

Angelene said...

HI! holding a sleeping baby and typing with one hand. i've also thought to buy some new pants, because i am getting so sick of wearing the same two pairs of pants every day. but i haven't gone shopping yet!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I got a new purse today- the most fashionable I ever have! I got it from Allie's boutique, opposite Barrington Superstore, you know "straght from New York". It's a beautiful bronze metallic colour and soft leather. Oh God the world is such a lovely place!