Nov 17, 2009


Finally, after what seemed like 2 years but actually about a week, Jane had a more "normal" sleep... normal for the last month anyways. She only woke up twice, for boob, then went back to sleep. Hilariously, I'm more tired today after getting such deep sleep and woke up looking like I had been in the boxing ring all night.

We had a fabulous weekend with our friends from home and their little 8 month old Parker. God, it's awesome to hang out with another couple going through similar things as yourself. We went out to eat, went shopping, everything. It's totally different when you're with a couple or friend who "gets it".

Both Parker and Jane were little devils yesterday - both of 'um are teething and they just weren't the typical happy-go-lucky babes we're used to. Added to the fact that both Moms were a little zombie-esque from lack of sleep. So, we went out to dinner - good idea right? :p Usually, when we've taken her out before, Jane would have some milk and pass out but, of course, last night Dan and I had to take shifts eating - I got to go first because every Mom knows how to polish off a good sized plate of food in under 3 minutes. Had we been out with anyone who didn't have kids, I'm sure they would have been driven mad. Within the first minute, water was spilled across the table, we were ripping up table clothes to use as toys, both babes were "talking" which basically means they were screaming, Parker was chewing on the table (which of course had been disinfected by Clorox wipes :p), no one talked while we ate because we were all too scared if we took a break to chat we'd miss our opening to actually enjoy our food... and with all of that, I'd consider it a great night out! ha ha ha. How times have changed!

I wish I could think of something helpful or entertaining to write about today but my mind is mush. Jane's having a nap now and all I wanna do is lie on the couch, watch Project Runway, and eat chocolate... but it's only 10am and chocolate is like booze, ya kinda should wait until at least lunchtime to give it a go. But I don't have any chocolate anyways so I'll just eat an orange... yum. Totally the same satisfaction... not.


PS - Jane's sitting up on her own now... so exciting! It's amazing how these milestones pass you by so quickly!

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Sam said...

Your story already sounds familiar to Doug and I, Jen!! I totally didn't "get it" pre-baby, but now I do!!! I scarf down my food in 2 minutes flat!! We had friends over Saturday night for our first "dinner date" with another couple since Luke was born...we didn't get to talk to them much together as one of us was constantly on Luke duty, but they totally understood!! Times sure have changed:))

Kate said...

I noticed in the picture in your post yesterday that it looked like Jane was sitting up by herself!

The changes in the first few months are amazing, eh?

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear, you have many, many more years of weird and wonderful restaurant experiences before you. Here's one of my latest, and mine are 7 and 4... years.