Nov 25, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday: Easy-Tone My Arse Off!

So, as I said before, I was suckered in by all the hoopla and bought Reebok EasyTones which are supposed to work your butt, hamstrings and calves harder than regular walking sneakers. As soon as I clicked "complete order", I thought, "oh my God, what the heck am I doing? I'm an idiot". I was positive I'd been had and that these sneaks were going to be disappointing.

When they arrived, I couldn't wait to go out and try them. I was surprised when I put them on as I expected to feel wobbly... I mean it's basically walking a little air pockets that cause you to be unbalanced. I was actually worried about wearing them and walking with Jane. However, what I experienced was just comfortable sneakers! They didn't feel any different than my regular sneaks, just more comfy. So, I set out for my walk. As I walked down the hill to the bottom of my subdivision, I was still thinking I'd been had... I didn't feel like my legs were being "easily toned". However, the way back up the hill was a different story! The sides of my thighs (every woman's favorite body part, I'm sure) were itching and my calves and hammies were noticeably tighter than usual... I noticed it in my calves the most. I slowed down my pace to see if I could notice the "wobble" and I could just slightly see that when I put my heel down, my ankle wobbled. I definitely didn't feel the wobble... so I guess that's why they work.

Regardless, I told you I'd pass along my thoughts on 'um and there it is. I think they were worth it. They were only $100 (here in Canada, sure they're cheaper in US $$) so, for me, they were a good purchase. The only negative is that they aren't the prettiest sneaker... but who needs pretty sneakers when you have a pretty arse? :p

Here's my question, if they work my hammies 28% more than regular sneaks (or whatever they claim), does that mean I burn 28% more calories?? And, if that's the case, can I eat 28% more food? :p tee hee hee. You know you wanna know!!

Lost another pound this week, YIPEE! Down in the 140s! I've been wearing pre-preggers jeans since Monday... not because they fit properly but because I can't fit a whole lot in 'um which I'm hoping prevents me from trying! :p I don't have a huge "muffin top" but when I sit down, it ain't pretty. I'm making sure to wear a large sweater over top so it isn't obvious!

At this point, my motivation is that I want to be fabulous when I see New Moon... just in case Edward or Jacob comes through the movie screen, sees me and realizes Bella sucks and I'm the bomb! :p HEY, it could totally happen - the movie's about vampires and werewolves people!!

Here are my stats:
Current weight: 149 lbs WOOOHOO
Starting weight: 157 lbs BOOOOO
Pounds lost: 8 lbs WOOOHOOO
Pounds to lose: 12 lbs EWWWWW

Oh yeah, by the way, today is my Birthday, so I'm eating everything I want to... :)

Jen xo

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Ange said...

Have a great birthday!! And enjoy all the goodies you want today...just plan a few extra steps in your walk tomorrow :)

Meredith said...

I was totally suckered into the ads for those shoes too! I want them so badly!

Jordan Mills said...

You're looking great Jenny :)

Jessica said...

Happy birthday, and you look fabulous!