Nov 25, 2009

Taking Action - If You're Interested...

For my Canadian ladies:

From your comments and from chatting with a few of you on Facebook yesterday, I'm getting the feeling that I'm not the only Mom upset, disappointed, "pissed, etc. about the recall involving Storkcraft drop-side cribs yesterday. Not to mention that I still am unable to get through to order my repair kit... how long will it take???

The Merchant Law Group has launched a class action suit against Storkcraft because of the recent recall regarding drop-side cribs.

If you're interested in joining the class action or just in being informed of the status, click here to sign up.

I'm sure there is something similar in the U.S.

Also, perhaps everyone can share ideas on where they are sleeping their babes in the meantime... as I said, Jane's in her playpen, but not everybody has a backup spot like this. I know the cradle we used when Jane was a newborn was only good up to 3 months, which I understand is pretty standard for cradles/bassinets.


PS - Regular Weigh-in Wednesday post below! :)

Update: If you're interested, I'll be talking quickly about the recall again on CBC radio Manitoba today at noon (Manitoba time)! :)

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