Oct 14, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

OK, I wish I could tell you how sick I am of writing posts about why I have not lost weight... but I give up on that. Despite eating a bazillion times better than anticipated, for Thanksgiving weekend, my weight is unchanged this week. But, you want to know the good news? I don't care! I am so excited about this FINALLY! After 8 weeks of faking that I'm actually working on this, I finally feel like I'm excited, motivated, and ready to say no to the wrong things and yes to the right ones. In fact, I said no to many of my fav "badies" this weekend - chocolate being numero uno. If I had one of those memory-erasers like Will Smith in Men in Black, I would use it on you all so you could forget about my mediocre attempt at weight loss over the last few weeks. Obviously I don't, and if I did, I would use it on the bank to make them forget that they shouldn't give me the code to the vault with all the money, money, money! Then, I'd not longer be writing this blog from my spit-up laden sofa but from the hammock outside my bazillion dollar house in Hawaii, as my little one plays in the sand.

Jill's probably on the same page as me after a week of little sleep and no weight loss...

So, let's make a deal - you forget about the past 8 weeks and I'll stop making up excuses for why I haven't lost weight. Every woman knows the challenges of losing weight and every Mom the challenges of post-baby weight - exhaustion, lack of time, breastfeeding limiting food choices, etc. Yet, somehow, Mom's manage to lose the weight and, so, who am I to be any different?

I just deleted the initial write up of this post that listed all those reasons why it's hard to lose weight post-baby... instead this post is a kick in the a** to myself for being such a whiner the last 8 weeks when I should have just admitted that I was enjoying the bad things too much to give them up and actually work at this whole losing weight business. :)

Good luck to everyone else out there working on it - if you want to join us, or just chat about it, contact me (link on homepage).

Jen :)

PS - Here's a few pics from our great Thanksgiving weekend (the hot blond is my Momma).


Lift Like A Mom said...

Those pictures are so great. And you look wonderful!!! I know it's hard not to stress about loosing weight b/c I know I am, but as long as you're not sitting in front of the tv everyday with a tub of icecream! :) And I absolutley love that video clip of the jumper. That is tooo cute. I can't wait until Davis is big enough for his.

Kate said...

Hey Cuz,
So considering I'm studying about all that weightloss and physical activity jargen for my degree, I figured I would throw in my output to your blog. GOOD for you for being more positive about the whole weightloss issue. Losing weight after having a baby is hard as hell, but hopefully you know that it's not ALL about losing weight! Eating well and exercise (espeacially cardio) is SO good for you... espeacially for the heart! It may take you a week or two to get into the routine and actually lose a couple pounds.. and if you are exercising, you're building muscle.. WHICH weighs more than fat anyways! Anywho, glad to see the positive blog - keep up the healthy eating and exercise... keep that heart pumping deep into your 100's, like Granny Crowe. Best wishes.