Oct 13, 2009

Mushy Momma

Here's the truth... I have no brainpower to think of something to write about today and, honestly, I'm just not in the mood! ha ha ha. I spent Jane's naptime this morning grocery shopping because of the long weekend, so I have no time either. Those are all my excuses.

Regardless, I wanted to post the "I hope You Dance" video by Lee Ann Womack because it's the sweetest song that has made a return to my iTunes since Jane was born... I just now am able to listen to it without crying! Suck a sap! I'm not even going to dare trying to watch the video myself cause I'll lose it - do it, if you dare! :)

Jen :)

PS -
Ignore the fairly cornball video and listen to the song... :)

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Mandy Jo said...

You got a blog award:) Go to my blog to pick it up!:)