Oct 30, 2009

Shoot Me Up!

Dan and I are getting our H1N1 vaccinations next week...

I, admit, I was a little hesitant about it all. But, I think that my worry came from "reliable" news sources and their scare tactics vs. actual facts.

I asked my Mom, who's is an RN and on the Pandemic Team for her company and also my girlfriend, who's hubby is one the smartest docs I know, and the answer seems to be YES - get the vaccine! In fact, my girlfriend's answer, mentioning babies fighting for their lives against H1N1 at the hospital, scared the crap outta me!

As far as I know, children should be vaccinated if they are older than 6 months... so Jane doesn't quite qualify yet. I'm going to ask my doc about whether we should bring her back in in December when she is 6 months?!?! I hate the thought of her getting THREE vaccines in December! I'm curious - does anyone know if the benefits of the flu vaccine are transferred through breastmilk? I know they are in utero for pregnant Mommas. Hmmm. Cause that would rock!

For me the benefits far outweigh the potential risks of this vaccine. Here is some information on vaccine safety, if you are concerned. I just can't imagine something happening and knowing I could have prevented it.

I will not or would not judge those who do not get the vaccine. I would love to hear your reasoning, however. I'm also curious if you opt out of all vaccines and why?

I know this is really controversial right now, so lets get some good comments going here people - let's educate each other! :p

Jen :)

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Laura said...

Vaccines are a very personal decision and I judge no one on that choice. It's very hard to go against the crowd and do something different. When you worry so much for your child, you only want to do right by them. My daughter has no shots. Part of this is a religion thing for us, but it is a hard choice to make. What I can say is that she just had her two year check up and is in perfect health. She's very bright and doesn't get sick much. Do I worry that we made the wrong choice sure. Do I worry that she'll get something that could have been stopped by the shot, heck yeah. The negative side effects outweighted the benefits for us. I do love generation rescue, it's been very helpful.
The cheerleader story is one in a million but it's one of the reasons we don't get vaccines or flu shots.

Dawn said...

The Vaccine IS transferred through breastmilk. I asked my doctor specifically about that because I'm weeks away from my due date and we weren't sure when the vaccine would be available. She said whatever immunities my body builds up, gets transferred to baby.

I never get flu shots, but I went to the pregnant clinic today and got both H1N1 and the seasonal flu. Michael is getting his at work next week. We've never had strong opinions about them, but this year is different.

Hope that helps!

Meg said...

I'm 32 weeks preg and wasn't going to get the vaccine until I had a talk with my OB yesterday. She assured me that they used the same type of vaccine as the regular flu, just with the H1N1 strain, so it isn't an entirely new vaccine. The part that finally pursuaded me to get it was for my soon to come little one. He will probably go to daycare around 12 weeks and he since he can't get the vaccine (and will be around kids of all different ages) he will get the anti-bodies through my brestmilk and thus be protected. If it were just me, I probably wouldn't have gotten it, but if I can protect him once he's born, but too young to get it, I'm willing to get stuck.

Jen said...

That's how I'm feeling... if it was just me, I'd probably not be stressing over it. But, with Jane, I just can't imagine!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you asked the question about breast milk and the shot. My doctor did say that some anti-bodies would be passed to Claire, however it's good to hear that others are saying the same thing. Rick and I are both booked in for our shot next week:)

Peter, Jill, & Parker said...

I am getting the vaccine. My midwife is providing the vaccine to her pregnant and recently pregnant clients whose little ones are not yet six months of age. When I asked her about whether it was a good idea to get it, she said she the risks of not getting vaccinated outweigh the ones if vaccinated. also since Parker does not qualify for the shot, he will get the antibodies my body creates from the vaccine through breastmilk. Its always a tough decision to get the flu vaccine with or without children. I feel better knowing that I did get it. Too many people I hear are getting ill with it and I think i would really kick myself if something happened to one of us. Peter is getting it through his work. Who knows as always the media hype always creates fear among people but better safe than sorry.