Sep 22, 2009

Watch Your Mouth

This is going to be a quick one!
It's a beautiful day and we're enjoying it! Jane's been awake most of the morning and I have a hard time justifying "ignoring" her for a half hour to write a post about being a Mom - just doesn't seem right. :p

Jane's just gotten to the age where EVERYTHING goes in her mouth. I've noticed the last week or so that instead of sucking on everything, she's starting to chew on things - does this mean she's teething? Or getting ready to? I hope not! I'm hoping we're in the typical 6-7 month-old teething range. I know my girlfriend's little man, Parker, started getting his first tooth at 4 months or so which is where Jane is now...

Regardless, if you've got a baby or a baby on the way, be prepared. Basically, if you have anything smaller than a plum in your house, get rid of it! ha ha ha. And have things on hand that are safe to chew and suck on! Everything I give Jane goes in her mouth... rubber ducky, blankies, toys, etc. I remember my Dad telling me a story about my step-brother and how he once choked (just so y'all know, I had to look up how to spell choke as for some reason I forgot and initially spelled it "chocked" ha ha ha - help me!) on a lipstick top... like seriously choked. I imagine someone gave him the lipstick to play with during a moment where they needed something quick to distract him - we've all been there or, perhaps, he just found it lying around. Regardless, you get my point. I'm sure everyone knows this but it's never a bad thing to state the obvious when it comes to the safety of our babes!

I'm not sure how you'd deal with this best too but in the Infant CPR course Dan and I took, the choking video they showed us on babies involved an older sibling giving the baby something "to eat" (obviously with good intentions). I can imagine this is a worry for all Moms of two or more babes - especially if you've got babes who aren't quite old enough to understand how fragile a baby is.

I've got to go! Jane has been patiently talking to herself in her swing for the last 10 minutes and that's about as far as my "neglect" goes!

Thought you'd get a kick out of what I "caught" her doing this morning - notice the obvious biting vs. sucking - am I in trouble here?!?!?! ha ha ha

Jen :)

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Mike and Kate said...

Wow - my little girl is 6 weeks old now and I can't believe what a difference a few months makes! Jane is so grown up...and so cute!

Angelene said...

That video is so adorable! I love all her cooing sounds!