Sep 26, 2009

Saturday Funny

This one comes from my best friend, Kristie -

As most of us have done or do regularly, if her little man, Parker, is not sleeping well, she takes him into bed with her. Well, one night last week, her fiance woke her up in a "what the heck are you doing?" moment. Apparently, she had found his arm in the middle of the night and started kissing his arm. At first, he says, he thought she was trying to be sexy... a thought that quickly passed as he realized these were not seductive kisses but purely affectionate kisses. When he woke her up to ask her what the heck she was doing, they quickly realize that she had thought his arm was Parker and she was kissing "Parker" in her sleep! ha ha ha.

I died laughing as I got caught doing something similar... Dan saw me kiss my own shoulder one day. I must have been looking sideways at something, felt the skin touch my lips and kissed myself! I swear to God, Mom's get a routing reflex along with babies - but we're not suckers, we're kissers!

It could be worse, I guess... cause if it's possible to kiss your baby too death, then I would have been convicted a day after she was born.

Jen :)

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