Jun 6, 2009

Preparing for Baby #8 - Post-Baby TO-DOs

This is the final post in my "Preparing for Baby" series. If there is something I missed that you'd like to hear about, let me know!

A Post-Baby To-Do List

Starting a to-do list of items that need to be completed once baby arrives is essential. Pre-pregnancy, a list might not be necessary but "mommy brain" can strike at anytime! :p FYI - some of these items are Canada-specific but you likely have similar to-dos where you're living...
  1. Birth certificate: Here is the link for Canadian Moms.
  2. Provincial health card: Here is the link for Canadian Moms.
  3. Social Insurance (social security, etc.) number: Links for Canadian and American Moms.
  4. Personal health insurance: If you have additional coverage through work, add your baby as a dependent.
  5. Employment Insurance: Apply for maternity and parental EI if you haven't already. If you've applied, call to confirm baby's birthday. Also, check that you're approved for parental benefits which are separate from maternity benefits.
  6. Life insurance and Will: Make sure baby is taken care of if something happened to you and/or your partner.
  7. Daycare: If you've already registered, confirm once baby is born.
  8. Canada Child Tax Benefit: You may be eligible for a little "something, something" from good ol' Mr. Harper. More info.
  9. Baby's passport: Yes, baby needs a passport (Canadian/American). Canadian baby's passports are good for 3 years and cost $22.
  10. Newborn photos: Book your photo-shoot pre-baby. Our photographer recommends doing photos within the first 10 days, before baby's startle reflex kicks in.
  11. Birth announcements: For photo announcements, I'd wait for your professional shots. Otherwise, pack them in your hospital bag and fill them out while you're stuck in bed!
Hope this saves you some time once baby arrives! FYI - Some hospitals provide the necessary newborn paper work, so you can knock off some items right away.

Jen :)

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Bjoern - baby clothes exposed said...

Super tips, thanks!
By reading your list I suddenly realized I need a passport for my child!