Jun 5, 2009

"Early Labour"

My contractions have been increasingly painful since midnight, every 2-4 mins. Went to the hospital, but according to the nurses, I'm only about 2cm dilated, which means I'm not in "active" labour. Was sent home until either my water breaks, I have bleeding or the pain gets too intense. The pain is pretty nasty but only lasts for about 30 seconds during each contraction. If I take 7 deep breaths that gets me through the pain, so I start counting down with each breath once a contraction starts! :p

I have no idea how long I have to wait. Wishing there was a way to check your own cervix dilation to see if I was progressing at all. I'm hoping my water breaks or else I'll eventually have to say, enough is enough. Otherwise, they will still wait until Sunday to give me the Cervidil to dilate me... which would mean I'd be awake for four days straight as sleep is impossible because of the pain.

The pain is significantly more intense when I'm standing/walking, as contractions come one after the other so I'm struggling with wanting to walk to dilate more vs. wanting to sit to reduce the pain. Currently I'm on the "sitting" plan. The bath is great, reducing my contractions and pain, but I get over-heated and can't stay in for too long.

May update again before I give up and head to the hospital... otherwise, you'll hear from me when this is all over and our baby is here! :)


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Anonymous said...

Hoping you are already at the hospital since there has been no update since yesterday but if you havent gone, have a bath. Helps like I cant even tell you.