Jun 29, 2009

Growth Spurt

No time to write today - dealing with the three week growth spurt according to the public health nurse (who I called desperately today because Jane's been super fussy for the last 12 hours or so).

To summarize, breastfeeding is freakin' hard when you're dealing with a gas-y, fussy baby. How did the cave-women do it - they didn't have public health nurses!?!?

Jane's basically really uncomfortable which breaks my heart... she'll start to fall asleep and then she wakes up crying a few minutes later because she's moving some gas and it hurts! :( I was actually crying with her this morning - half frustration and half heartbreak for her.

My sister's dealing with a similar issue - Lucy has been crying since yesterday at 2pm and neither of them slept a wink last night. Not sure what the cause of her problem is but we'll see. Thankfully, Jane was fine last night so we slept- but the feeds before and after were challenging to say the least.

Dan's currently on baby duty for a little while so I can get my sanity back... will keep you posted on how this plays out. Hoping, for her sake, that it doesn't last too much longer, poor thing!

Jen :)

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