Mar 5, 2012

lazy potty trainers

Admittedly, Dan and I are what we've termed "lazy potty trainers"... this may not be the best term. Technically we're more like laid-back potty trainers.

Fact is, when everyone else's kids were starting potty training we were living in our second of three houses within a four month period. It wasn't hap'nin. I would talk to Jane about it "big girls use the potty", "do you want to use the potty", etc. but she constantly said "no" and I didn't push it. Plus, I'm pretty sure the number one rule for doing any sort of training with toddlers is to do it when life is "normal" - not when you're moving, not when a new baby is introduced, not when they're sick, not five things at once and so on.

She didn't show much interest really until 3-4 months ago. And, it wasn't so much interest as it was willingness to sit on the potty and get a treat.

Want to know what our key to success has been though, as of yet, the fact that we haven't made a big deal about potty training. We haven't pressured Jane. We haven't made a big deal about HAVING to pee on the potty. If she wants to wear a diaper, we try to explain to her that big girls don't wear diapers, but if she really insists, we don't fight it. If she wants to be naked, then let the woman streek, I say!

Parent's can screw up a perfectly good kid by freaking out about potty training and trying to keep up with the joneses. Personally, I don't give two craps about the joneses. They probably hate each other. :p

So, Jane's not currently 100% potty trained. I would say she's like 70% there. I would also say that a lot of the initiative has come from her. We've always asked, probed, and tried to talk to her about it and if we tried hard, she'd use the potty for us. But, now, she seems to be taking it on herself a little bit. She's telling me she needs to use the potty. She's telling me her diaper needs to be changed because it's dirty - a BIG step as up until the last week, she would sit in her poop forever if you left her.

Today was the first day I checked her daycare book (where they track what she ate, peed, her BMs, etc. about her day) and she had POP and BMOP all day (peed and pooped on the potty). WOOT WOOT! I told her how proud I was of her and that I was so happy she was such a big girl. She was obviously proud of herself. They pointed out to me that she pooped on the potty. This is apparently a big accomplishment. However, Jane's been popping on the potty since the beginning. Guess what? We've never made a big deal about it. We've never TRIED to get her to poop on the potty. We've never forced it. And, so far, she's always just done it as if it were the same as peeing. No biggie. Pooping on the potty seems to be the holy grail. I'm not saying we've clear the hurdle, but we're at least not starting from scratch.

SO is lazy potty training the best way to do it... Lord knows, I have no clue. Probably (very likely, definitely) not. But, it's working for us so far. KNOCK ON WOOD. I'm going to start knocking on wood every time I say anything that suggest things are going well. My husband, who's the least superstitious person I know (curses us every time by saying "she'll have a good nap today" or "she'll sleep late tomorrow for sure"), told me Sunday morning (after two mornings of 4am wake ups due to a cold) that I cursed us by writing about sleeping last week. So, I now evoke a constant KNOCK ON WOOD clause for the blog. Cause, I can't do 4am mornings when I'm pregnant. Or ever. Which doesn't say much about the fact that I'm pregnant and when this little person comes out 4am is just going to be one of many wake-up times.

If I have any advice about potty training to pass on its FORGET listening to other people, ignore the people who tell your their kids have been potty trained since 8 months (these people are aliens and are likely lying) and take it EASY. Take it easy, please. If parents should take advice on everything, it should be take it easy. There's a reason they don't make diapers for 10 year olds...

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