Mar 21, 2012

the big announcement...

In standard fashion of Ryan Seacrest, the Grammys, etc. I will make you wait until you read through tons of useless blabber and whatnot before I get to the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - THE BABY'S SEX!!

For starters, global warming (for today and tomorrow only) is currently my favourite thing in the world... only for the next two days, then I'll start recycling again. :p It's GORGEOUS outside. I wore a dress today. A short sleeved dress with BARE LEGS! And I didn't even have to wear a jacket this morning. What the heck is going on?!?!?

Jane and I went for a walk before dinner and I was wearing a t-shirt and capris (which THANKFULLY, I inherited from my sister because I didn't realize until today but I don't have any summer fatty clothes) and I was HOT. In MARCH. I was HOT in summer clothes! I was wearing my winter jacket three days ago! INSANITY.

And it's supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. Honestly, I feel like this is God giving me a little break. Because, come this summer, I'll be huge and sweaty and swollen and hating the warm weather. So, right now I can enjoy this little taste of summer while I still have some happiness and dignity.

Ok. So.

You ready?

Are you truly prepared for what I'm about to tell you?

It's going to blow your mind...

Baby number two is going to be a.....

We don't know.


What are the chances that out of everyone I know, who've all found out the sex of their little 'uns-to-be, the one with the blabber mouth blog who's sharing it with the world, doesn't find out?

So I went in for my docs appt, just to confirm what I already knew (that it was a girl DUH), and my doc says "so they weren't able to determine sex". To which I responded by laughing because obviously he was joking with me. Then he says nothing. So, I say... "really? we were there for two hours!" He said, "nope, says 'babies phenotype was not able to be determined'". I sat quiet for a few seconds. Then I realized that I was excited! It will still be a surprise, despite my best attempts to control everything, THIS is out of my control. WOOT WOOT! Kinda cool!

I still think it is a girl. I'm thinking that the radiology resident who took our pictures just didn't get a good enough angle in a picture for the radiologist to confirm sex... but I mean, there was NO penis visible. YET, the small percent chance that it might be a boy is fantastic. Not because I care if it's a boy or a girl, just because I like that I don't know!

PLUS, guess what? I now have more reason to procrastinate organizing Jane's clothes. I mean, what's the point of organizing everything by size and bringing it all out of storage if there's even a slim chance it's a boy?? :p

The only thing I'm disappointed for is not being able to talk to Jane about her "baby sister" or "baby brother"... I thought knowing the sex might help us prepare her a little more. But, my good doctor friend told me earlier today that they really don't get it anyways until the baby's here... and she was right. As of right now, Jane thinks she has a baby in her belly too, only "my baby is smaller than your baby mommy"... well, yes, but some of mommy's baby is the several rows of oreos I've eaten in the past five months.

So, here's my plan. Stick with the clothes we have, running on the assumption that I was correct and that there was no teeny peeny... but I'll pick up a few yellow newborn onesies, just in case. So, further to my point about having a baby girl, we've now saved even MORE money because not only can I not go and buy a whole new wardrobe of blue, but I can't really invest in anything pink now either. That sucks and rocks at the same time.

On another note, guess what - this will blow your mind... Apparently I'm still putting on "a little more" than my doctor likes to see, weight wise. This time, I got a little bit of balls and told my doc that he should probably get used to seeing a little more than he expects being that I'm eating like a horse and have no intentions of slowing down. :p He asked me how much I put on with Jane, I told him 35lbs and that, admittedly, there was probably 10 that wasn't necessary but was pure enjoyment. He did point out that I got back into "great shape" after Jane and so he wasn't concerned. Well, FINE THEN. Stop telling me I'm fat! So, I think we have an understanding at this point... I'm going to gain as much weight as my eating dictates, and so far, it's suggesting I will be gynormous. So. There. :)

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