Mar 1, 2012

19 weeks pregnant

Almost... half ... way... there.... (read that as if I was crawling through the dessert, barely able to take another move, reaching for a mirage... cause that's how it feels sometimes).

BIG NEWS - I can no longer see my vagina or my feet! WOOT WOOT! :p

I have some more delightful news - I didn't get "in trouble" at my docs appointment yesterday! I know, roll your eyes now, why do I subject myself to such things and take it so to heart. Partially because I'm crazy, partially because I'm pregnant, mostly because I'm a female. I've got another 4 lbs on which was miraculous being that last time I checked the scale it was saying 6 lbs. Personally, I'm over it. I'm handing myself over to the Gods of food and enjoying it.

In typical weigh-in day style, I totally pigged out with Dan last night - chips, oreos, etc. My rationalization is always that I have another four weeks to deal with the consequences before I have to be herded onto the scale again.

Everything is going well so far. Blood pressure is good - this is the only test I always pass. You'll be happy to know my pee is good. :p AND, in passing, as the docs talking to himself going over my chart to see if there's anything he missed, he says "... your maternal serum was negative..." Um. Isn't this something you'd want to point out to a patient, instead of mentioning it by accident? I mean, it doesn't mean that everything is perfect but it, at least, is a good indicator that things are going well so far. You might want to let a momma know this, no?

I LOVED that when my doc was trying to find the baby's heart beat we could literally hear him/her bouncing around in there and basically he was chasing the baby around my belly. I love having big movers. Jane was a big mover and I just loved feeling her move all the time - it made me feel closer to her, (it's going to get corny now) but I felt like she was trying to communicate with me... like, "I like this sugar mom"! :p

I've been sleeping horribly lately... and, so, the exhaustion has not passed at all. Tossing and turning from midnight on basically. Getting up, getting the body pillow. Kicking the body pillow off because it's making me warm. It's like -5 outside at night (Celsius for my US friends) and, if I had it my way, I'd be sleeping with the window open - I am roasting at night. I wake Dan up every night to get him to move away from me because he's like a freakin' heater and, somehow, in a king size bed, he can still find a way to put his feet in my space and then get pissed at me for nudging them out of the way.

Seems like my face has decided to stick with me instead of peeling off and a lot of the red, itchy, peeling skin spots have healed which is pleasant. I've become content with the fact that Cindy Crawford (my perfectly placed pimple that's been around since mid-January) has just become a permanent resident on my face. It's no longer a pimple, just a bright red spot next to my lips.

Does this sound strange? People keep asking me if I have a "feeling" about what the sex of the baby will be... here's my "feeling". I feel like it's a boy, but I think we'll have a girl. Does that make any sense?? Everyone I know is having doubles - two boys, two girls, etc. So I think we'll probably have a girl. But, for some reason, even before I was pregnant, I felt like we were going to have a boy. Honestly, I'm just excited to meet this little person and see what he/she looks like and, eventually, what little personality will come out of there.

Anyways, I'm off to eat some more oreos being that I have 3 weeks and 6 days until my next "weigh-in".

PS - After my doc didn't pester me about the weight gain, I decided not to ask for the immediate ob/gyn referral - partly because it's so much easier and more convenient (location and time wise) for me to see him and partly because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. Amazing how I can be such a b.i.t.c.h. most of the time and sometimes I turn into a w.i.m.p. :p


The Monsons said...

Sounds about exactly how I've been feeling, 21 weeks tomorrow! Do you wear your lightest clothes on your weigh-in days to the doctor, haha, I do! We're having our second girl, so doubles are in the air! I am waking up everynight once or twice as well, and I hate trying to reposition myself, it is already becoming uncomfortable to lug my belly back and forth tossing and turning. Ugh, oh well--can't wait to hear what you'll be having!
-Rebecca Monson

Jen said...

100%. I pre-plan my outfit days in advance. Yesterday was light weight leggings and a light weight dress (notice the trend) and the doctor stared at me in complete AMAZEMENT as I took the time to do a strange form of yoga to get my freakin boots off because they def would have added at least a pound!
It's so unfair. You really should add at least two pounds to the starting weight you tell your doc because you def weighed yourself naked at home and clothes + breakfast adds at least 2-3 lbs easy! :p

So glad we're going through this again together!!


Dawn said...

You look great!! I'm surprised, your bump looks smaller 2nd time around. I was the same way though, my bump was the exact same week for week, except this past week, I jumped from 21 to 26 weeks overnight, no joke. Co-workers who don't me well enough to ask, are seriously giving the side eye. I love it!

ToDoListMom aka Ashley said...

You look great! Congrats! When I was 19wks..I was GIGANTO! I'm sure the over indulging in Choc pudding/choc everything didn't help ;)