Sep 22, 2010

Craziness Update

Thought about "you" (by you, I mean you guys - my other Mommas) today when I did something totally stupid and wanted to share... twice today I did stupid mommy brain things that made me feel so cool! :p One - I pulled into a parking spot. Got my change out to put in the meter. Walked up to the meter... for the spot that was next to the spot my car was parked in. Awesome. Two - Pulled into a different parking spot. Put money in the meter. There was already 108 minutes on the meter to begin with and I added money. Awesome.

In all fairness, it's because I'm exhausted. Jane's got hand, foot and mouth disease. Another awesome. It's a virus with fever, rash, sore throat, sores on hands, feet and mouth, and a bazillion other things that have resulted in (1) my child screeching randomly throughout the day (2) no sleep, literally, for either of us - no naps, no sleep, nothing - for two days and (3) a cold for momma. So, like I said, in my defense, I'm running on empty. Thankfully I am able to put on a good front for work and only pull out the MB moments when I'm outside of offices - as far as I know :p

Other updates - a few weeks back, I wanted to ask you about what the heck you do with a child who thinks "no" is funny and is a game? However, the last week or so, Jane seems to have come around, a little (knocking on wood), with the whole discipline situation... a little. She still tests us - purposely doing something she knows will result in a "no" to see if it works. I think she thinks it's a game. Like she'll climb up on the couch, stand up (oh me nerves) and jump (Dear Lord help me) and when I come stomping in to grab her, saying "Jane, NO!" she starts cracking up. When I take her in the other room to "no and distract" as my mom says, she immediately runs back to the couch and starts climbing up. So, people say "why don't you try not responding to her"... and I have tried that. However, when your 15 month old is standing on the edge of the couch, bouncing, not responding might not be the best action, disciplinary or not. :p "Yes, Doctor, just like I said, she broke her arm because I was trying to teach her 'no' by letting her do the wrong thing and not responding"... hello, child services.

Ok, well, perhaps just because I said I wasn't going to write anymore that lately I've started to feel the desire to write again... ha ha ha, a woman always wants what she can't have.

I may be around a little... who knows! :p No commitment though! tee hee hee

Here's a few update pics of my little monkey:

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Joggin' Momma said...

YAY that you may return to writing, but boo for little Jane!! Hope she feels better soon!

Sandy said...

Your little girl is adorable. Love he curls. Come join us at:

Holly said...

On the mommy brain, I have zero excuses for my mommy brain. But I still put half a pint of ice cream in the fridge overnight last night...